10 Reasons Video Should Be On Your Radar in 2016

Matthew Fridg says a well made video on your church website introduces potential guests to the pastor.

We know video is great. But why? Not to mention there are many different applications for video. Here are ten reasons (of probably hundreds) why churches should seriously consider video this upcoming year.

1. Improved SEO

Paul writes in Romans 10:14, “How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher?” I could ask the same questions about our churches. How will they hear the Word if no one told them about your church? Have you Googled your church lately? Is it on the first page of the search results? It is common knowledge that video on your website boosts your search engine results. When I teach at conferences I often ask people attending my workshops if they know what page two of Google is. After a moment I answer, “Where webpages go to die.” Are you optimizing your webpage for google? Besides Google, YouTube is the #2 search engine. Are you optimizing your video content for YouTube? Here is some info that may help get you noticed easier on the internet.

2. Better Information Retention

Most of our communication in the church is classified as oral. This means that someone talks and we all listen, and listen, and listen. However, the majority of people learn best through visual communication. Utilizing sermon bumpers, video sermon illustrations and even images in your sermons can increase the amount your congregants can retain. Check out this article I wrote on leveraging learning styles in your preaching.

3. Online Video Builds Trust

A well made video on your church website that introduces potential guests to the pastor, the environment and the style of your church can be a major relationship building catalyst. When people can see your face, hear the music you play and catch a glimpse of all the happy kids in the kids wing, they feel like they are building a relationship with you before they even step foot in the door. Your front door is no longer your website. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks are great places to upload well crafted videos that help people get to know you.

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