Brian Howard

12 Questions For Evaluating a Ministry

Take a look at your ministry with tips from Brian Howard:

Have you carefully thought through a new ministry that you want to start? Have you evaluated your current ministries? Here are 12 planning questions that will help you think through starting a new ministry or evaluating a current one. Consider planning a day away to write a plan based around these 12 questions:

1. What is the purpose of this ministry?

What are you hoping to accomplish with this ministry? What is the purpose and mission of the ministry? How does it fit into your overall vision? Is there a primary purpose? Is there a secondary purpose?

2. Who will this ministry serve?

Who is the target of this ministry? Who will it benefit? Is there a primary target? Is there a secondary target?

3. What are the needs of those who this ministry will serve?

What services will we offer in this ministry? What are the needs of the target group we are wanting to serve? What are their Spiritual needs, Physical needs, Emotional needs, Intellectual needs, Relational needs. Which of these needs should our ministry focus on?

4. How will we provide these services and meet these needs?

What will be our ministry strategy for providing services for the needs of our targeted group? What is our Step-by-Step process for making this ministry happen?

5. How will the ministry be led?

What type of leadership qualities and skills are required to lead this ministry?

6. What kind of team Is needed for this ministry?

Is a team needed for this ministry? How many people are needed? What are the various roles and ministry responsibilities that are needed to support this ministry? What are the skills and abilities needed for those who will make up the team?

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