3 Reasons to Nix the Creative Ministry Names

Emily Kantner says ministry names don’t need to be clever or catchy; they need to make sense.

Have you ever visited a church for the first time and wondered what on earth the Ignite Ministry could possibly be? Is it a group of pyromaniacs who light things on fire? And should you be worried about sending your kids to Aftershock? Will this be registering on the Richter scale?

Many churches get caught up in trying to find unique names for their ministries. A cool name and trendy logo will set them apart and get people interested, right?

But typically these distinct brands end up having a negative impact for a few reasons:

1) They confuse and alienate people

Using obscure ministry names and acronyms is a great way to keep visitors from returning to your church. Sure, the insiders might understand your reference to a lesser known verse or Bible story, but everyone else is left wondering. Your guests shouldn’t have to decode acronyms or analyze names to find out where they fit in.

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