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4 Skills That Separate Great Worship Leaders From Good Song Leaders

Leading worship can be overwhelming sometimes, right?

Not only do you have to worship God with all your heart, you have to lead a band, play an instrument, sing, engage a room, please your leaders, and be theologically sound. There’s a lot to juggle.

Of course, worship isn’t about music, singing, stage presence, personality, but it doing it well does include all of these. My goal with this article is to break down 4 essential skills that every worship leader needs to focus on.

This was part of a workshop I recently organized to equip my worship leaders. I also shared it with my newsletter and received such positive feedback.

So here it is: 4 skills that separate great worship leaders from good song leaders.


1. The Song
A worship leader needs to be familiar not just with the structure of a song, knowing the verse, chorus, & bridge, but needs to internalize the message.

When you internalize the message, you tend to deliver it with more immediacy and intensity. Some worship leaders are not believable in how they sing. There’s no ache, no desperation.

Know the lyric in your mind, believe it with your heart, and deliver it with your soul.

Hesitancy comes from being self conscious and nervous. We are worrying what people are thinking so we don’t risk vulnerability. Your vulnerability will help others discover their own.

I like to encourage worship leaders to not be self confident but God confident – secure in the fact that God is moving and He has appointed you to lead.

Don’t just sing songs. Live them.

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