Church Christmas

5 Things Your Church Must Do at Christmas

Earlier this week, someone asked us to list five things that churches really need to do at Christmas. The Ministry Matters team brainstormed the question and came up with the following ideas based on our own experiences (read nightmares). Hopefully you’ll benefit by avoiding some of the mistakes we’ve already made.

1. Stick with the basics, but go deep. Tell the baby Jesus story, and use terms that a child or someone new to the faith can understand. But don’t shy from talking about Emmanuel and the incarnation. Get beyond the cute baby story and really deal with what Christmas means for Christians. The fact that God became a human to save humanity is mindblowing, but it takes creativity to help people see that truth in a fresh way each year. Unfortunately, in the church we often excel at making the extraordinary seem ordinary. If the Christmas story becomes old hat, that’s an indictment on us, not the story itself.

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