5 Tips for a Successful Christmas Eve Service

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Christmas Eve services present a great opportunity to create an atmosphere that resonates with both church members and first-time guests. When planning music, aim for a balance of familiar traditions and fun new arrangements. Keep traditional Christmas song melodies and lyrics intact for singability, but feel free to get creative with modern musical elements like synth parts. Mashups with modern worship songs are a great way to bridge between old and new.

Not every Christmas song needs a modern twist though. Many traditional carols are vertical worship songs in their own right. Choose some powerful ones to incorporate. Also, build anticipation and familiarity by doing some songs repeatedly in services leading up to Christmas Eve. Then save a few special intimate songs like Silent Night for Christmas Eve exclusively.

Overall, craft an inclusive experience. Have moments that allow different groups to participate rather than just spectate, like inviting kids upfront to sing a song they learned in children’s ministry. Making room for all who come shows how Jesus makes room for everyone at His table. Simple or elaborate, keep engagement of all attendees central.

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