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5 Ways To Help Ease Worship Volume Wars

Clint Taylor says vision is key.

How Loud is too loud?

This is actually a very reasonable question in todays worship arena, especially when we fill our set lists with songs written for arenas. Before I go much deeper I do want to say that not every worship leader will deal with these issues, and thats ok. I have worked at both a louder church (Current position) and a quieter church, and in both positions I received just about the same amount of complaints. There is nothing like someone coming up to you after a great service with the sole intent of telling you, the worship leader, the music is too loud. With that being said, I thought it was a topic worthy for a post. Us worship leaders will always want it just a little bit louder than everyone else really is comfortable with, the idea is to find that sweet balance called the “compromise level”. This topic might even seem a little taboo, but its good to always embrace these sorts of topics because frankly its an issue many of us deal with and get frustrated with. Here are 5 ways to help ease any frustrations that may be welling up inside of you young worship leaders.

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