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A Critical (Often Overlooked) Trait of an Excellent Worship Pastor

Sam S. Rainer on creating the framework for worship:

A good worship pastor knows how to lead artists. Indeed, observing a worship pastor lead a group of artists is a work of art in itself. Worship pastors often get labeled as innovate yet quirky, creative but peculiar. Let’s be honest—many fit the label. But quite frankly, I believe far too many churches squelch the creative passion of artists for the sake of mundane familiarity. True worship art (or perhaps more correctly, artful worship) is always accompanied with risk.

While I value the creative world of worship pastors, most do something that is entirely overlooked by others: They create the framework for worship. Within the artful expression of worship is a structure built almost entirely by the worship pastor. My worship pastor teaches doctrine first, then how to sing. He cares more about theology than music style. Praise team practices, orchestra practices, and choir practices are more about practicing the doctrine of the songs than performing the songs.

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