Preparation Makes Perfect

This week’s WorshipIdea original appeared in the 08.12.03 issue. Read the entire archive of past issues at the paid website As I’ve said before, it seems everyone and their brother is starting a contemporary worship service. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that many of these new services are failing. Often…


This week’s WorshipIdea is by Tom Lane, and was an article in the excellent Christian mag “Worship Musician Magazine.” I recommend this practical magazine and subscribe to it myself: subscribers receive a 20% discount off the subscription: Two things I remember from very early in my life, one is…

The Next Big Thing Part 2

Last week we talked about the new multi-site church movement that’s happening all over the country, and specifically about Seacoast Church in the southeastern part of the USA.The brand new book “The Multi-Site Church Revolution” by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon and Warren Bird talks in depth about this phenomenon, and…

The Next Big Thing

What would happen if Rick Warren started a church in your town? Would it suck the life out of other churches, much like Walmart sucks the life out of mom and pop stores when it builds a local supercenter? Get ready, because this just might be The Next Big Thing:…


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