Why Your Website Needs A ‘Plan Your Visit’ Option

In a recent interview, Kenny Jahng sits down with Tyler Smith, founder of to talk about the “Plan Your Visit” resource and the positive impact it can have on a first-time visitor or guest.

11 Things That Might Happen When You Leave A Church Quickly

Maybe you’ve seen it happen. Somebody in a church – among both laypersons and leaders – gets angry about something and leaves the church quickly. Even staff members surprisingly leave rapidly at times. Here’s what might happen if you do that

Stage Lighting: Shadows On Faces

Note: This question appeared on the old website (no longer working.) Q: We have overhead recessed lamps just about every six feet on the ceiling as well as four large ceiling fans with four normal 100watt bulbs in them. Our problem is that this lighting is sufficient for the…

Does Your Worship Service Feel Like a Concert?

PODCAST: Have you ever heard someone say the worship service feels more like a concert than a worship service? We may initially judge the comment as insensitive or out of touch, but in fact, there may be theological implications behind what they are experiencing.

Vocal Tuning for Live Stream Mix ft. Nathan Drake

VIDEO: Have any of your vocalists listened back to the live stream recording and said “Yuck, is that me? I sound awful.” The fact of the matter is, live streaming makes every singer sound worse than they did in the room. That’s why vocal tuning exists. Nathan Drake joins collaborate…

Ten “10-Minute Refreshers” for Busy and Weary Church Leaders

Many church leaders are simply exhausted as they continue to navigate a COVID-influenced world. Most of them, though, have “10-minute” segments throughout the day when they have little planned. If you don’t have those times, It is encouraged to build at least two into your day—and use them to be…

10 Essential Elements To Include In Your Church’s Plan-Your-Visit Video

Thankfully, visitors don’t need to wait until Sunday to check out your church or begin preparing for their first encounter with you. With a brief but thorough plan-your-visit video, they can scope out your church’s vibe and best prepare themselves and their family for worship with you.

Six Considerations When Choosing Songs for Children

Choose songs that can become or already are a part of the church’s regular sung repertoire. This will further help children participate in your community’s worship and feel that they belong.

10 Helpful Online Design Tools That Every Church Should Consider

There are new online design tools and helpful technology coming out all the time. It can be difficult to navigate — not only creating the designs and creative content for your church — but also finding the tools that can make your process quicker.

5 Worst Volunteer Recruitment Ideas – And 5 Best Solutions

We all know as local churches and ministries, we need dedicated volunteers. But how do we go about meeting them, training them, plugging them in, and ultimately allowing them to thrive in their unique gifts that will benefit those in our congregations and communities?

The Bi-vocational Revolution Most Churches Are Missing

In its simplest definition, “bi-vocational” means a pastor or church staff member does not depend on the church as his or her primary source of income. These persons have another line of work that provides their primary income and benefits. In many cases, the pastor or staff member puts together…


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