Vocal EQ For Amazing Vocals

Let’s face it: No two vocalists sound the same. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a few things in common. James Wasem joins us to share a baseline vocal EQ setup that you can then fine tune to each vocalist.

7 Online Training Resources To Equip Volunteers

Volunteers serve in a variety of functions to make weekly services a success. As you look to add new volunteers to the team and increase the leadership capacity of current volunteers, it’s wise to consider how you train them.

99 Copy-&-Paste Social Posts Your Church Can Use For Free

One of the best ways to boost engagement on your church’s social pages is by posting frequently. It’s not easy coming up with content to fill your pages every day. Even more, it can be difficult to come up with quality content that not only keeps your pages alive but…

1 Thing Guaranteed to Disrupt Your Worship Team

We are talking today to shed light on how everyone in the church can participate in creating a healthier family. There’s a balance we need in the church where every person humbly serves each other without complaining, yet are willing to communicate more effectively when needed.

Rebooting The Choir After The Pandemic

Over the past 20-25 years, there has been a shift in the church. Many churches transitioned from choir-led, melody-rich, harmony-laden worship to a set-up that features a handful of musicians singing simple songs, mostly in unison. Then 2020 happened. And the choir completely disappeared. It’s time to bring the choir…

3 Considerations to Help You Live Stream Like a Pro

Church teams that joined the streaming game during the pandemic and those upping the pursuit moving forward—here are three simple questions that can help take your efforts over the top in a heartbeat.

4 Fresh Ideas for Creative Father’s Day Videos and Graphics

Father’s Day is an important time of the year to celebrate the men in our congregations and what they mean to their family’s. These creative Father’s Day videos, graphics and innovate ideas will make each dad feel appreciated by your efforts.

Make People Feel Safe At Your Church With These Helpful Tips

Having people back in the buildings means that staff and volunteers need to have a plan in place to keep the congregation and children safe. There are multiple ways churches can implement safety and security. Here are some steps to take in keeping your church safe.

Put This EQ On Every Channel

A common mixing mistake is boosting the low end EQ. After all, we all want punchy sound! James Wasem joins Kade Young to discuss why you should be adding a low cut filter to every channel.


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