The Story Of Hillsong Music

When it comes to Hillsong Music, Steve McPherson has pretty much seen it all. Steve is the Manager of Hillsong Music Publishing and a valued member of the Hillsong worship team since the beginning.

Video On A Budget

Take a look at three video budget packages that will get you up and running, with a professional look without breaking the bank – you have options!

A Better Way to Measure Loudness

If you have been in church for very long, you have heard numerous complaints about the sound being too loud. However, it seems a small percentage of people are doing all the complaining. How do we know if their complaint is legitimate? This question often leads to the purchase of…

The Temptations of Evangelical Worship

Every worship leader worth his or her salt knows how to manage the emotions of the congregation, moving them from quiet devotion to raucous praise or from bass-throbbing adulation to whisper-quiet meditation. We don’t have to deny that, despite sometimes obvious manipulation, we’ve been touched by God in such services.…

A Few Thoughts About Families And Worship

What if, rather than being a burden, sitting with your children in worship can be seen as a great privilege and opportunity to teach and train your children?

10 Facts About Change in Church

Changing the style of music is the biggest hurdle in most churches. It also has the biggest impact. If you look at churches growing in America today, a very small percentage of them have a traditional worship style.

How To Be Your Own Metronome

Using a metronome or click track is a great place to start but it’s no substitute for developing your “internal click.” Here are a couple of training exercises to help you develop your internal metronome.

Why Skill-based Music Study is Needed in the Seminary Setting

Students may come having played keyboard or guitar, or sung in their praise band and at least believe that they function well in that setting. They realize that they need more training, especially in worship studies because that where their interests lie.

Choosing People Over Platform

Growing up my dad used to say, “ministry would be a whole lot easier if people weren’t involved.” Even Jesus had a moment in Mark 9:19 where he said to the disciples, “You faithless generation, how much longer must I remain with you and put up with your unbelief…?”

Why Your Worship Band Needs A Click Track

For a long time as a worship leader, I stayed away from using a click or metronome in worship. I was concerned it would be too restrictive and too difficult to implement. But three years ago, I was leading worship full-time at an older church with an older worship team,…

20 Scriptures to Pray as Worship

If you’re anything like me, you could use these 20 Scriptures to pray as worship as your prayers can quickly digress into little more than a list of needs and wants.

10 Things Every Worship Leader Should Do Before the Service

Unfortunately, worship leaders often have the disadvantage of singing first thing in the morning, which is almost never the best time to sing. Take some time before the service and before the rehearsal to warm your voice up.

What Should You Do With An Older Worship Leader?

The “Trying-Too-Hard” Worship Leader knows he’s getting older and is desperately trying to stay relevant—even to the point where it’s sadly comical. He introduces the new songs and tries to keep up on the latest styles—both with music and fashion. But none of it seems genuine. (Especially the bad dye…


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