6 Reasons Why Some Pastors May Resign Soon After The Covid Crisis

The stress of the first days of COVID may seem like a hundred years ago, but the same pastors who worked non-stop for months still face the stress of almost daily changes. Some are hanging on right now because of the crisis, but they’re losing steam.

Minimal Church: Where the Future Church Is Headed

There are so many activities, programs, and events that some members feel like they have to live at their church to be faithful and involved. Add to the busy calendar all the digital requirements adopted during the quarantine, and you have a church too busy for its own good.

5 Reopening Phase Church Growth Tactics

PODCAST: This season is an opportunity for you to rethink what you do as a church and to reposition your church to grow by making a bigger impact. Rather than thinking about one specific silver bullet for church growth, you should be thinking about a collection of systems working together…

Learning How to Worship All Over Again

Musicians are facing some of the most challenging conundrums. We can yearn for the past, curse the virus, and consider an alternative vocation, or we can take this time as a God-given incentive to learn, with and from our eager congregants, how to worship all over again—innovating, experimenting, and discovering…

What Is Keeping People Away?

People have fallen into a nice routine of online and in-home worship. Some of our best leaders have told me they enjoy their new morning routine. That might include watching an online service and it might not. It might include going out to breakfast, going to the lake, or sleeping…

It’s OK If Your Church Never Sings That New Song

Are there songs better made for your small church that a large church would never consider? Some new, famous worship songs should be avoided in your context. Some should be sung immediately. Some should wait a bit. Some will be sung forever in your church. Many will be quickly forgotten.

Can You Keep Your Church Tech Head Above Water?

We are inexperienced with certain kinds of technology or leading teams. We are learning on the fly. We are undeveloped, not properly schooled, neither professionally certified nor trained. In fact, for some of us, our leaders may have already approached us about taking on more responsibility when congregants return, and…

Our Backing Track Struggles and What We’ve Learned

PODCAST: We haven’t always used backing tracks in our church, but it was definitely a struggle when we decided to introduce them for the first time a few years ago. This episode is about what we’ve learned since then, and how they’ve turned out to be an incredible benefit in…

8 Easy Ways To Blow It In This Next Season Of Ministry

When change is as profound and disruptive as what we’re going through right now, this next season isn’t a finish line, it’s a start line. Right now, every church is a startup and if you see it that way, you can advance your mission. There are so many people to…

Five Early Findings from Churches That Are Regathering

While we are not yet seeing even half of the churches open, more are added each week. It thus behooves us to get these early reports. Those that are open will be making adjustments. Those that are not yet opened can plan accordingly.


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