3 Ways to Communicate a Caring Presence When Leading Online Groups

Online educators have uncovered various best practices that elevate the experience of digital learners and are effective regardless of a student’s learning venue. Whether you’re teaching an online Bible study, leading a digital discipleship course, or offering your church members a theology class, these tips and tools will help you…

After Easter Plans

The goal for any church service should be to get people to come back again. I know we want to “get people saved”, but if we get people to raise their hand or come to an altar, who never show up to a church again, what have we actually accomplished?

21 Encouraging Bible Verses for Worship Leaders

Sometimes you just need a little… encouragement! As worship leaders, we have an important job. It’s a very visible and upfront role, but not many understand the behind-the-scenes duties that go into leading a church body in worship week in and week out. And one of the most important things…

5 Ways To Grow The Worship Team

Whether you’re struggling to fill a single worship band or you manage multiple teams, growing the worship team is an integral part of ministry. Here are five ways you can grow the team and department.

PODCAST: Tips for Making Your Church More Single Friendly with Kaylee Estes

More and more people are single in our churches today than in previous generations. Younger people are waiting longer to get married, the divorce rate continues to increase, and even as lifespans increase, married people will likely find themselves widowed at some point. Listen in as Kaylee talks with us…

Preparing Your Volunteers for Easter Sunday

Like death, taxes, and Nickelback, Easter is a reality. The good news is it’s a better reality than those other three examples (let’s face it: atrocious pop music and the cornerstone of Christianity don’t mix).

Generation Z And The Future Of Faith In America

The story of religious change in America is often cast as the result of independent decisions made by a rising generation living by a different set of values. But new evidence paints a much more complicated picture.

Hillsong: The Beginning of the End?

The beleaguered Hillsong church is trying to keep the faith, but skeptical and disenchanted cracks are beginning to show. (more…)


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