The Right Questions and Clichés to Help

The “never waste a crisis” crowd is wanting to reinvent their ministries in the name of COVID-19, and the “wish life would never change” folks are scared to death it could happen. Somewhere between the two is probably where most churches will land.

The Uncertain Digital & Physical Realities of Churches

Only a month ago, as part of their State of the Church project, Barna revealed evidence of what they were calling “worship shifting,” the tendency to rely on digital spiritual tools (such as podcasts, streamed sermons, radio, etc.) instead of attending a church service at a set time and in…

What Do Worship Leaders Do In The Covid-19 World?

As worship leaders, you already shepherd and care for people through worship. Now you can shepherd them through a crisis. Reach out to your team. Find ways to pray for them and connect them together.

How the Coronavirus Might Change the Local Church, Forever

It’s more obvious how industries like medicine, healthcare, politics, H.R. departments, and grocery store supply chains will experience these permanent changes, but what about the local church? How will the Coronavirus change how Christians assemble? And of these changes, which of them will be shocking, disruptive, and lasting?

How Churches Responded & Where We Go Next

PODCAST: The Unstuck Group surveyed 500+ church leaders between April 2-6 to get a better feel for how churches have really been responding to the coronavirus crisis. Based on the data, it looks like the vast majority of churches have settled into a new way of doing church.

8 Tips For An Online Service Host

One of the most important elements in helping people feel connected is having a host to virtually “greet” people as they log in to your online worship service. This person can interact with the audience during the service, provide important information, answer questions, add encouragement, and walk guests through their…

10 Ministry Alternatives To Live Streaming

Live streaming isn’t right for every church. In an ideal world, equipment would be cheap and every church would have the infrastructure to host their own service via live stream. Now, many churches are struggling to make something work in a short amount of time because of COVID-19.

Re-Imagine Easter Gatherings

PODCAST: This is still a great time to connect with people outside the church and outside the faith, but our messaging will need to be more intentional—a lot simpler and a lot more compassionate to the needs of people around us.


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