Stop Singing – David W. Manner

Worship is a conversation that requires not only speaking and singing but also hearing and listening. In the following article, David shares some key points to help improve the way we worship.

What Changes With A Move From A Church Of 50 To A Church Of 150

All churches have leadership challenges, regardless of size. Small churches are not easier to lead than large churches. Large churches are not easier to grow than small churches. But they are different. When pastors move from one size church to another, they have to adapt.

Worship Resources For Lent & Easter

Here, you will find resources to locate new songs for the season as well as great arrangements of hymns. You can also find multiple resources for helping the coming weeks come alive in the lives of your congregation.

How To Engage First-Time Church Visitors On Easter

As a church, you’ve probably seen the crazy spike in your attendance with new, old, and current Easter visitors on Easter Sunday. We’ve gathered the top ways to engage first-time church visitors on Easter so you can start your plan off right.

When Worship Ministry Is Hard

In life, there are countless moments when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. As a worship leader, even more so. In the following article, David W. Manner discusses when and how to be strong, even when its hard.

Adding New Skills To Your Songwriting Inspiration

Great songwriting is built on timeless principles and techniques of communication. While finding inspiration is a key element, fulfilling a specific call to draw believers into deeper worship shouldn’t be left up to chance. Set yourself up for a lifetime of powerful songwriting and lose the frustration of a hit-or-miss…

Secret Sauce For Your Live Stream Mix (Panning)

The live stream mix on it’s own can sound one-dimensional and lifeless. It’s almost like you took the room mix and stripped it of all its energy. So, let’s talk about using panning in your live stream mix because it’s going to make a big difference.

6 Ways To Promote Easter Using Social Media

Social media has become a more prominent communication tool for churches during the pandemic. When you haven’t been able to see people in-person, you’ve probably shared sermon videos and offered encouragement with those connected to the church’s social media channels. With that in mind, here are 6 ways to promote…

4 Lessons The Church Learned In 2020

Church leaders have a unique responsibility to become students of the times. There’s no question that 2020 was a trying time for everyone, but what does it have to teach church leaders specifically? Here are four lessons we need to recognize.

A Letter To The Younger Worship Leading Me

In a few decades you are going to look back at your years of worship ministry with a desire for a second chance to handle some things differently. You will think about entire seasons of ministry and long for another opportunity to make some adjustments.

7 Reasons Singing Is Essential To The Christian Life

Have you ever wondered why God desires for His people to sing? What role should singing play in the life of a Christian? What is it about worshiping through song that is so important to God? You may not know it, but God has already answered these questions in the…

What The World Needs Now From A Worship Leader

What the world needs now from you as a worship leader is not primarily your live and online production skills, your songwriting, your presentation abilities, your high quality gear, or even your years of worship leading experience. It’s more than that.


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