10 Things Audio Techs And Worship Leaders Can Do To Support One Another

Worship teams and audio techs exist in order to help lead our congregations to worship and love God. We all have the same goal, to provide excellence in leading worship. So why do Audio Techs and Worship Leaders frequently experience conflict, having a hard time supporting and respecting one another?

First Call’s Original Demo Tape

If you’ve been a longtime CCM fan you probably remember the vocal trio First Call (I LOVED them and would get ensembles together in church to sing their hits like “The Reason We Sing”) Melodie Tunney posts on Facebook how her husband Dick recently found their original demo tape! She…

5 Reasons Church Numbers Matter

Numbers help us evaluate the type of growth a church experiences. Even if a church is growing, we must evaluate the source of that growth.

7 Things Lead Pastors Wish They Could Say To Worship Leaders

Most people who attend our church don’t listen to worship music outside of Sunday mornings. I know, it’s shocking. The problem with that for us is that they don’t necessarily know the latest worship song by Bethel or Elevation or Vertical Church or whoever we are tracking with these days.

Pastors and the Sabbath Rest They Need

Many of the tasks pastors handle each week deal with emotionally intense situations. As they walk through these moments with people, pastors can quickly become drained emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Unfortunately, pastors tend to feel the need (and many congregations expect this) to be on-call 24/7. No Sabbath rest…

Using Tracks as Practice and Rehearsal Tools

While tracks are an incredibly useful tool for live performance, you’ll find that using them as a resource for practice and rehearsal will help your team arrive feeling more confident and prepared.

In Whom Are You Investing?

Investing in others means we make deposits of our time and talents so the return will be compounded for future withdrawals. Our success in worship ministry will not be judged just on how well we did it ourselves, but on how well we helped others do it too.

Top 5 Church Video Announcement Companies

Church video announcements are a great way to convey essential information to the congregation each week. They’re also useful in preventing mistakes while giving live announcements or from announcements taking up too much time in service.

Practical Discipleship: Mentoring Others

Watch for other believers who naturally hang around you. Look for those who appear to want to follow God – and who might be open to someone walking beside them.


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