Guidelines For A Strong Worship Team

In any quality organization there are codes of conduct and concrete expectations. A number of years ago Mark Cole attended a worship conference at Gateway Church in Dallas and was totally impressed by their worship team. Based on Gateway’s code of conduct and his own experience, here are his standards…

Future Church: 8 Church Trends to Watch in 2023

Following three years of extraordinary turbulence in the church, 2023 appears to be a year that will be about as ‘regular’ as anything church leaders have seen in a few years, while also introducing additional elements of the future church that’s being built as we speak.

Five Major Developments for Churches with an Attendance Under 250

Churches with fewer than 250 in average worship attendance account for 92 percent of all churches in the United States. It is important to discern what trends and developments are taking place that have direct bearing on these churches. Here are five major developments.

How Red Rocks Worship Runs Tracks

Loop Community team member Matt Slack sat down with Red Rocks Worship’s Musical Director Scott to talk about how Red Rocks Worship runs tracks, tips for running tracks and more!

Last-Minute Christmas Eve Service Ideas

You may be feeling the pressure of coming up with a meaningful and engaging service for Christmas Eve. While it’s always best to plan ahead, sometimes last-minute circumstances may require you to get creative with your service.

The 4 Boxes Your Christmas Service Must Check Off

We must remember, everyone coming to our Christmas services are at different places in their walk with the Lord. Some are seasoned believers, others are brand new to the faith. Some are struggling in their faith while others are completely outside the faith altogether.

If I Had a Ministry Mulligan

As ministry novices or aging veterans, we’ve all looked back at certain decisions, sermons, services, events, relationships, or maybe even entire seasons of ministry with a deep longing for a second chance to do things differently.

Five Lessons We Learned from Deceased Churches

Church Answers has continued to talk with church members and leaders whose churches closed or those that were on the precipice of death. While the original information in Autopsy of a Deceased Church is still relevant, there is more information we’ve gleaned since then. Let us share with you five…

Why Should We Sing Christmas Carols?

Often we sing so many new songs we hardly know the ones we are singing. Not only do we know these great carols, we have memories attached to singing them. They are part of our worship experience. One of the aspects of Christmas nearly everyone loves, is the opportunity to…

9 Reasons Why Music Is Important

Have you ever wondered why music is so inherent in our culture and in cultures around the world? Have you ever wondered why music is so important and can stir up all sorts of emotions and memories? Check out these points on the power and wonder of music.

The New Very Large Church

It’s time to rethink church size. Thanks to Lifeway Research, we have a clearer understanding of the sizes of churches and you may not be surprised.


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