So Many Hats, So Little Time

PODCAST: Church staff and those working for small ministries and nonprofits understand what it’s like to wear “many hats.” Youth Pastors responsible for the website, church secretaries deligated to care for Facebook — the list goes on.

How To Evaluate Songs For Worship

As you begin to select the songs that your church will sing, remember that people recall far more songs than they do Bible verses. Because of this, we need to realize the enormity of the our responsibility to select quality songs that reflect good theology.

Worship Planning: Are You Feeding Or Nourishing?

Are we trying to simply feed the congregation with a cool demonstration of our musical prowess, or are we looking to nourish them with lyrics that proclaim the Good News of the Gospel?

Where Does Praise Come From?

Worship leaders stand time after time and ask people to give our praise to God. But where does praise come from?

7 Great Churches You Should Follow on Instagram

As a church, you need social media role models that challenge you to write strategic and intentional content. These role models can help to inspire you, encourage you, and even challenge you as a church.

The Loop Community Story

Loop Community Founder Matt McCoy sat down with Worship Musician Magazine for an in-depth interview on the history of Loop Community.

Lessons Learned from Studying the Multisite Church Movement

PODCAST: For a church that isn’t already growing, going to a multisite model can be toxic because it suddenly dilutes your resources and volunteers. The biggest growth and momentum of multisite is happening with already growing churches.


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