Church Tech Asks: Now What?

PODCAST: The website is finished. The Facebook page has been set up. You’ve been running the soundboard for years. Now what? How do you find inspiration? Now what do you do next? How do you move forward?

5 Ways to Serve Elderly Church Members

Elderly church members aren’t to be pushed to the wayside, ignored, or abandoned — instead, we are to see the signs of aging as “crowns of glory” and work to find ways to serve them in our churches.

Platform Presence For Worship Teams

VIDEO: It is very important for worship teams to pay attention to their stage presence, not out of a desire to be showy or draw attention to themselves, but rather a desire to be engaging and not distracting–to help people focus on God.

Less Scripture to Sing and Preach More

Minimizing the public reading of Scripture in our services of worship may be unwittingly conveying a lack of trust in the very Word we claim as foundational to that worship.

8 Social Media Tips To Boost Your Holiday Church Attendance

From the beginning of the promotion, make sure there is enough visual content. Statistics show that on Twitter, tweets with videos are six times more likely to be shared than tweets with photos. Even on Facebook and Instagram, videos are becoming the order of the day.

Live Mixing Tips: Concepts to Help Raise the Bar

Mixing a church service can be one of most rewarding moments for an audio engineer. It can also be one of the most challenging. Sometimes, even, it can be a point of contention among the audio engineer, worship team, leadership, and congregation.

Insights from 8 Church Mergers

PODCAST: Dan Zimbardi, Executive Pastor at Sandals Church in California. talks about revitalizing and replanting churches through church mergers.

Five Common Rehearsal Killers

Don’t let the space in between songs become chit-chat time, improvise time, or random question time. Keep it moving. When you finish one song, move on to the next song and they’ll follow you.

Worship Manager or Worship Leader?

If you alone are trying to manage worshipers instead of lead them, you alone might receive all of the credit when something works. But you alone will also receive all of the credit when something doesn’t work. Trying to manage worship will eventually kill you and the worship of your…

7 Ingredients for Healthy Church Growth

If you want to grow a healthy church, you constantly have to evaluate what’s going right and what’s going wrong. And once you discover what’s going wrong, you have to do the hard work of figuring out how to fix it.


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