A long dusty road into Bethlehem town,
Nowhere to stay but a stall,
A baby of hope wrapped in swaddling clothes,
Could He be the Lord over all?

The ancient writings foretold
The new born King!

Love came Jesus, Messiah,
The Savior, born as a child,
His love, His love came down.
Love came, Light of the Nations,
He gave His gift of salvation,
His love, His love came down.

While under the sky in the darkest of night
Shepherds were tending their sheep,
An angel appeared with the heavenly host
Proclaiming good tidings and peace.

In David’s city you’ll find
The new born King!

Words and music by Don Chapman and Adam Fisher
©2010 Hearts to God Music, Inc., Adam Layne Fisher Music
CCLI #5863440


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