Guidelines and Qualifications for Praise Teams

Adapted from Tom Kraeuter’s “Developing an Effective Worship Ministry” by the’s staff:

1. Probationary period – There will ordinarily be a minimum of a six week probationary period during which the individual will attend practice sessions but will not play or sing with the team on Saturdays or Sundays. After such time it will be at the discretion of the Worship Pastor as to when the individual will begin singing or playing in the services.

2. Weekly practice sessions – All team members are required to attend the weekly practice sessions. Musicians and singers are required to be in the auditorium for scheduled rehearsals prior to the services for rehearsal and sound checks. If you are not able to make a rehearsal or be there for the worship service you need to contact the Worship Pastor and inform him. If you cannot make the mid-week rehearsal you will not be able to participate on the following Sunday with us. Because we are always introducing newmusic it is important that you are at the rehearsal prior to that weekend.

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