Instant Church 2

1470 people attended the second Sunday of NewSpring Greenville (last week the total was 1710) and I’ll guess that’s where attendance will hover for awhile.

A funny anecdote: as the countdown video reached zero, an old man approached the edge of the stage. Meghan, a vocalist, knelt down to see what he wanted, thinking he was a tech volunteer. Turns out he was just a random old man who thought the music was too loud and wanted it lowered.

I find that hilarious. Some old man goes berserk over the volume (as old people tend to do – you would think old people, who typically lose their hearing with age, would appreciate louder music) and targets a background singer mere seconds before the service starts. Those tactics might work at 1st Baptist but not at NewSpring.

Before you accuse me of making fun of old people, I’m not. I’m just making fun of cranky, controlling old people. My mid 70s parents sit in the audience and think the music’s fine. My dad can’t get over how well the sound is mixed.


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