Mars Hill

Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle Relocates to Historic Place of Worship


Mars Hill Church Downtown Seattle, one of 14 churches that have sprouted from the teachings and ministry of founding pastor Mark Driscoll, opened this past Sunday at its new location, a historic 1910 place of worship that once included some of Seattle’s early families.

“There’s a new chapter in Seattle’s history tonight with the salvation of a downtown Seattle building that is over 100 years old,” a local TV news anchor shared last week, Mars Hill reported. “The new tenant, a church, is preserving the building and restoring it to its original use.”

Holding church services at out-of-the ordinary locations is not something new for Mars Hill. The Downtown Seattle church is using the building most recently known as Daniels Recital Hall after selling its Belltown location, the former building of the “notorious” Tabella Nightclub.

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