My Church Didn’t Like a Song… Now What?

We’ve all been there – you pour your heart into introducing a new worship song, but when Sunday comes…it just falls flat. The energy is gone, the congregation seems lost, and you’re left wondering “What happened??”

As disappointing as it can be, don’t give up on that song yet! This insightful article guides you through a 3-step process to diagnose the issue and breathe new life into the musical offering.

You’ll learn practical tips on evaluating the arrangement itself – was it too complex? Did it lack flow? The author drives home an eye-opening truth: just because a song sounds great on the radio doesn’t mean it will translate well to your church.

But it’s not just about the music. Communication is key, and you’ll discover creative ways to better prepare your congregation for new songs. Maybe you skipped crucial steps in the teaching process?

And for those songs that still don’t quite connect…the author gives you permission to move on. Sometimes, even the hottest worship anthems simply don’t resonate with your unique church family.

Unlock the secrets to introducing new worship in a way that engages hearts and avoids that disappointing “dud” feeling. Your drone-filled setlist days are over!

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