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Pastor Helps Nab Thief Through Social Media


CBN News reports a pastor in Houston helped authorities catch a thief. And he did it using social media.

It all started when a brand new trailer filled with the church’s sound equipment, chairs, and other items went missing from the storage facility where it’s kept between services.

After reporting the theft to police, the pastor was able to get an image of the thief from surveillance video. He posted the picture on social media sites, asking people to share it.

“We put that still picture on Facebook and just asked people to share it,” Pastor Chris Parrott of Canvas Church in Houston said. “Honestly, we were not expecting to recover anything, but we thought, you know doing something is better than not doing anything. If we do something we’ll have a better chance of recovering our equipment.”

His efforts paid off.

A neighbor’s tip led police to a house where they recovered the equipment and arrested three suspects.

Pastor Parrott said the trailer and its contents added up to about $15,000. For the relatively new, small church, recovering the equipment meant a lot.

“We’re here to bless the community,” he said.

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