The Rising

Review: Charlie Hall “The Rising”

I recently became interested in Charlie Hall’s music after recording with his guitarist Kendall Combes. His latest CD, The Rising has become a favorite of mine lately – I play it frequently and the songs are continually going through my head.

Charlie has always been thought of as being on a bit more on the David Crowder / alternative side of worship. This CD sounds more pop and accessible to me – even my 79 year old mother likes Breathe. His Marvelous Light song was very popular a few years ago, although the bridge lyrics “lift my hands and spin around” probably preempted the song from being used much in more conservative circles.

The recording is Psalm-like and poetic, and a few songs in particular are aimed right at modern congregational worship.

WorshipIdeas recommends for corporate worship:

Freedom Songs – uptempo opening praise song
Constant – worship ballad / communion
King of Heaven – uptempo opening praise song
Lamp – worship ballad / good for offertory before sermon / after sermon
Breathe – worship ballad / communion

Additional Resources:

> Download transposed chord charts and an MP3 for Breathe here at

Download free chord charts at Charlie’s website

> Download MP3s at Amazon: The Rising [+Digital Booklet]



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