What is Excellence?

Hillsong’s Matt Hann says excellence is about growth and maturity.

Excellence is not a set level of quality or perfectionism. It’s an ever-changing dynamic in both our personal journey and the collective journey of our teams.

It’s about growth and maturity. Excellence should be a moving target of sorts. The quality of your craft and serving today should not be the same as the quality of your serving yesterday. It should be increasing and moving forward, not stagnating!

Excellence is our ever-growing personal and collective best, as an offering to God!

It goes hand-in-hand with humility, not counter to it. Everything that we do in our serving – all the weekend services, late-night rehearsals, conferences, travel, songwriting – it’s all for Jesus! He deserves our best, and our best today is different than our best from yesterday – our best for tomorrow will be better still.

So how do we become more excellent and in turn make our teams more excellent?

1. Excellence looks like personal practice
Getting better at your craft. If you feel as though you’re “good enough”, please re-check your approach. Excellence takes hard work and means we are continually getting better.

2. Be aware of where you want to be and set realistic goals for yourself
Don’t be content with staying where you are. God wants our best and the bottom line is our best will constantly be changing with more time, work, and experience.

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