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May 23, 2016
Tips from a Mediocre Guitarist
May 23, 2016
Not Your Parents’ CCM
May 23, 2016
4 Prayers I Wish I Didn’t Hear in Worship
May 23, 2016
Seven Ways to Introduce New Worship Songs

Worship Blogs

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May 23, 2016
Seven Relational Skills of Great Church Leaders
May 2, 2016
When Your Congregation Isn’t Singing: 15 Questions
May 2, 2016
Why Congregational Singing Is Waning
April 25, 2016
The Awkward Salary Conversations


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rock star
Here’s What Ruined Contemporary Worship
Worship Trends: Bethel Drums
How Many Songs Do You Use In Worship?
What Your Church Needs to Know—and Do—About the Court’s Marriage Ruling


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April 4, 2016
Pop Star Selena Gomez Shares Stage With Hillsong
March 28, 2016
Graham: House Bill 757 Would Have Protected Pastors from Performing Same-Sex Marriages
March 27, 2016
Israel Houghton: “I have not been fired” from Joel Osteen’s Church
March 21, 2016
Hillsong Now Has Their Own TV Channel