Pastoral Care for Healthy Churches (and Pastors)

The Barna Group reports the average Protestant church size in America as 89 adults. 60% of protestant churches have less than 100 adults in attendance. Only 2% have over 1000 adults attending. As a result, the dreams of pastors of most small and even mid-sized churches go unrealized. Why? There…

7 Steps to Create the Perfect Worship Setlist

When it comes to leading worship, having an effective setlist is essential. Whether you’re leading in a contemporary service or a traditional one, having the right songs in the right order can make all the difference. Continue Reading.

Should Your Praise Set Support Your Pastor’s Message?

One of the biggest challenges worship leaders face is limited time to plan their songs and setlists. For some, the theme of the sermon isn’t determined until midweek, which leaves little time to plan and practice. This creates a vicious cycle: not enough time to plan, not enough time to…

3 Brilliant Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Church Engagement

Almost everyone on this planet either knows about social media platforms or uses them. And a great many churches run at least one social media account, although often only used sporadically. If this sounds like your church, it may be time to consider utilizing social media effectively and through doing…

Easter’s Over! Now What?

Easter’s over! Now what? Relax: Worship leaders have been on a holiday treadmill since Christmas. Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a few days off. Go off the grid. Dream: Once your batteries have been recharged and your…

Linking Praise Songs

A few weeks ago celebrated an 11 year anniversary. The first WorshipIdeas…

Are Choirs Dead?

Over the past decade it’s been no secret that church choirs have declined.…


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