An Epic Formula For Making A Band Sound Great

Are you struggling to make your worship band sound cohesive and impactful? Tired of clashing instruments and overpowering sounds drowning out the message? Well, get ready to unlock a formula that will transform your band’s dynamics forever! Discover five game-changing ingredients to elevate your band’s sound to new heights. From…

[PODCAST] Easter 2024 Stats Exposed

“During this episode of the unSeminary, we dived into the Easter 2024 attendance figures, collating responses from a wide array of churches. The total combined attendance hit a staggering 249,377, revealing much about the state of church engagement during this important ‘Eventful Big Day.'” Watch the podcast.

How Prepared is “Prepared”?

Tired of your worship team showing up unprepared week after week? Frustrated by the lack of intentional practice and rehearsal readiness? Well, you’re not alone – but there’s a solution! Discover the “Practice By Numbers” system – a game-changing approach that sets clear expectations for preparation levels. Say goodbye to…

Worship Leading: Overcoming Fear

Feeling crippled by fear when leading worship? Unlock the keys to confident stage presence with these powerful strategies. Discover how proper preparation, spiritual focus, and self-compassion can transform your worship leading experience. Don’t let anxiety hold you back from ministering through music – shatter those fears for good! Read the…

Dirt-Poor Worship Leaders

Recently I attended a smaller worship conference – the type where you sorta get to know the other people in attendance. The overall theme I kept hearing time and again was interesting and sad at the same time: everyone was…
dirt poor

Songwriting Horror

I have a tale of horror that will terrify every Christian songwriter! Songwriters,…


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