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Why Should We Sing Christmas Carols?

Often we sing so many new songs we hardly know the ones we are singing. Not only do we know these great carols, we have memories attached to singing them. They are part of our worship experience. One of the…

9 Reasons Why Music Is Important

Have you ever wondered why music is so inherent in our culture and in cultures around the world? Have you ever wondered why music is so important and can stir up all sorts of emotions and memories? Check out these points on the power and wonder of music.

The New Very Large Church

It’s time to rethink church size. Thanks to Lifeway Research, we have a clearer understanding of the sizes of churches and you may not be surprised.

Embrace Tradition for Your Christmas Celebration

More than anything, embracing tradition at Christmas is good news for small churches. If you don’t have a huge budget, if you’ve got a small team and limited resources, embracing tradition is your friend.

Jumpstart Your Worship Planning Creativity is 20 years old! The first email newsletter went out to about 400 people on February 11, 2002 (in the heyday, right before the blog explosion, the newsletter amassed over 100,000 subscribers.) At the time I was the music…
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Contemporary Communion

Communion services are a mainstay in the mainlines, but many non-denom contemporary churches…

Song Overload

A friend of mine has been church shopping and is visiting his local…
Conduit Church

Trends: Church Mergers

As megachurches swallow the congregations of smaller churches (read this link to informative…


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