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Remember These 5 Tips When Planning Creative Elements For Your Church

Understandably, some people are hesitant about the idea of adding fun or creative elements to something as sacred as a church service. In the following article, Kendall Conner breaks down the meaning and importance of creative elements and how you can spread it throughout the church congregation.

What Does Your Font Say About Your Church?

We live in an age where it is not only possible to select terrific fonts and lettering for your church, it is downright easy. For that reason alone, there is no excuse for not giving attention to this meaningful way to represent your church and the Gospel.

Easter’s Over! Now What?

Easter’s over! Now what? Relax: Worship leaders have been on a holiday treadmill since Christmas. Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a few days off. Go off the grid. Dream: Once your batteries have been recharged and your…
Planet Shakers

Typical Praise Band

Today I’m seeing two main types of praise bands in churches: blended bands…

Songwriting Horror

I have a tale of horror that will terrify every Christian songwriter! Songwriters,…


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