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How to Avoid Ministry Burnout

So many people are all about the “hustle culture” and quickly hit a wall in their ministry. When leaders get to this point they often end up needing extended periods of time off or leave ministry altogether. But this is…

The Seven Most Common Challenges for Churches in the Second Wave of COVID

The Delta variant is spreading faster and causing more infections. The world is taken aback by the virus. Businesses are shaken. Schools are wondering what to do. And churches, once again, are in the middle of this challenge. In light of all this, here are the seven most common challenges…

Verses Of Praise

One of the best ways worship leaders can encourage the congregation is to quote the Bible. Below is a list of 144 Bible verses about praising God. Commit some of these verses to memory and use them in your times of worship leading. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due…

Easter’s Over! Now What?

Easter’s over! Now what? Relax: Worship leaders have been on a holiday treadmill since Christmas. Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a few days off. Go off the grid. Dream: Once your batteries have been recharged and your…

Songwriting Horror

I have a tale of horror that will terrify every Christian songwriter! Songwriters,…

Eat The Mic

In the olden days, vocalists had to sing with an operatic roar to…


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