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Vocal EQ For Amazing Vocals

Let’s face it: No two vocalists sound the same. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have a few things in common. James Wasem joins us to share a baseline vocal EQ setup that you can then fine tune to each vocalist.

7 Online Training Resources To Equip Volunteers

Volunteers serve in a variety of functions to make weekly services a success. As you look to add new volunteers to the team and increase the leadership capacity of current volunteers, it’s wise to consider how you train them.

99 Copy-&-Paste Social Posts Your Church Can Use For Free

One of the best ways to boost engagement on your church’s social pages is by posting frequently. It’s not easy coming up with content to fill your pages every day. Even more, it can be difficult to come up with quality content that not only keeps your pages alive but…

Easter’s Over! Now What?

Easter’s over! Now what? Relax: Worship leaders have been on a holiday treadmill since Christmas. Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a few days off. Go off the grid. Dream: Once your batteries have been recharged and your…

What Would Walt Do?

Forty years before the “What Would Jesus Do” fad, Disney executives were asking…
communion ideas

Communion Ideas

A Communion service should be a wonderful, meaningful time for you and your…


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