Blessed Assurance

This arrangement of Blessed Assurance blends perfectly with popular modern worship music from Bethel, Hillsong and others.

Like many songs in the modern genre, this arrangement has the feel of spacious synths and unique chord patterns.

Listen to Blessed Assurance.

5 Things Every Congregation Must Understand About Worship

If Christian worship is distinctly anything, it is a response of affection to the God who has pursued us since the beginning of time. That God is the specific God revealed in the creating Father, the saving Son, Jesus Christ, and the empowering and comforting Holy Spirit.

Finding A Part-Time Worship Leader For Your Church

Finding a part-time worship leader can be quite difficult for several reasons. Usually, your search in confined to a small geographical region since people generally will not move to another location for a part-time job.

Worship Leader and Worship Team Relational Contract

What if worship leaders and worship teams planned, prepared and presented worship with a relational contractual agreement as one of the foundational components of their leadership? Can you imagine the worship health potential this could offer your congregation?

Snapshot of a Part-Time Worship Leader

When I accepted my first music director ministry job it was a part-time position at a church plant. They couldn’t afford to hire a full time music person and frankly didn’t need one. The church eventually grew to around 300…
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Click Track Magic

I’ve discovered one of the secrets to why the big megachurches have (usually)…


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