Philosophy of Worship

An encounter with God involves strong and real emotions and clear thinking. The following values provide a center to which we lead, and boundaries that allow innovation to occur in a context of creative confidence.

Blessed Assurance

This arrangement of Blessed Assurance blends perfectly with popular modern worship music from Bethel, Hillsong and others.

Like many songs in the modern genre, this arrangement has the feel of spacious synths and unique chord patterns.

Listen to Blessed Assurance.

20/20 Vision

PODCAST: Lifeway’s Mike Harland kicks off the new year with some advice on how to bring the Word of God back into your ministry focus in 2020.

The Theology of Hymns Versus Modern Worship Songs

Both hymns and modern songs can be and are theological as long as they reflect and respond to biblical text; connect the word of God to the people of God; help us sing the gospel; can be sung with doctrinal integrity; and encourage us to be doers and not just…

Leading a Church for This Generation

PODCAST: An intentional focus on this generation means putting them into leadership positions, whether they are volunteers or you’re hiring them as staff.

Are You Out of Touch With Your Congregation?

Every once in awhile I write an article that hits a nerve. A few years ago the biggie was Why You Shouldn’t Use Secular Songs In Worship. At the time it blew up, was shared a bazillion times and surprisingly…
out of touch

Who’s Driving?

I was recently talking to a worship leader with a dilemma: everyone in…


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