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October 15, 2018
Preachers and Creatives Working Together
October 15, 2018
3 Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Worship Service
October 15, 2018
Too Much Musical Space?
October 7, 2018
15 Questions for Every Worship Song Set

Worship Blogs

/ Rainer, Kauflin, Santistevan and Others
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Thom Rainer
7 Reasons Why Writing Handwritten Notes Will Revolutionize Your Ministry
shaking hands
How to Develop a Strong Relationship Between Pastor & Worship Leader
Thom Rainer
5 Types of Infrequent Attendees
Thom Rainer
7 Reasons Why Church Worship Centers Will Get Smaller


/ Practical Tips for Contemporary Worship
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Typical Praise Team
dirt poor
Dirt-Poor Worship Leaders
Worship Reboot
Why You Shouldn’t Use Secular Songs In Worship


/ What's Happening in Worship and the Church
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