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WPSermons: A better sermon plug-in for WordPress?

Tapes. That’s what folks used to hand-deliver to the house-bound church members. It’s no surprising that sharing church sermons continues to be a key function for many church tech teams. But as technology continues to evolve, the way we share sermons has to as well.

2 Ways To Increase Summer Giving

While we love the warmer weather that summer brings, church leaders tend to dread a decrease in giving. More families on vacation lead to a drop in attendance and therefore, less giving. Thankfully, there are ways to increase summer giving and beat the summer giving slump.

PODCAST: Loving the Church You Serve with Carl Kuhl

When planting a new church, many leaders are tempted to copy culture from other churches and then create systems of their own. In reality we need to do just the opposite. Listen in as Carl shares some ways to help your church discover its culture and stay true to it.

Easter’s Over! Now What?

Easter’s over! Now what? Relax: Worship leaders have been on a holiday treadmill since Christmas. Give yourself permission to take a break. Take a few days off. Go off the grid. Dream: Once your batteries have been recharged and your…
I Hate Choirs

I Hate Choirs!

“I hate choirs!” So said a friend of mine at lunch as we…

Time for Change

Part 1 | Part 2 No, this isn’t an endorsement for Obama! It…


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