Blessed Assurance

This arrangement of Blessed Assurance blends perfectly with popular modern worship music from Bethel, Hillsong and others.

Like many songs in the modern genre, this arrangement has the feel of spacious synths and unique chord patterns.

Listen to Blessed Assurance.

Singing the Bible

Most people know more worship songs than they do bible verses, but Brandon Oaks believe by singing the Bible regularly, you will witness God printing His word on your heart in a powerful way.

The Modern Worship Movement Isn’t the Problem

If you have been a part of any number of worship related Facebook groups or conversations you have probably run into this article that quotes Keith Getty as saying that the modern worship movement is “utterly dangerous” resulting in the “de-Christianizing of God’s people.”

Are You Out of Touch With Your Congregation?

Every once in awhile I write an article that hits a nerve. A few years ago the biggie was Why You Shouldn’t Use Secular Songs In Worship. At the time it blew up, was shared a bazillion times and surprisingly…
out of touch
empty stage

Summer Slump

Worship Leaders, don’t you just pull your hair out in summer time? People…

Musical Groove

Does your praise band groove? Growing up classically, I never knew what groove…


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