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Post-Pandemic Church: Think Leaner Not Smaller

What if instead of trying to figure out how they can possibly do all their previous ministries while smaller, Church leaders and congregations instead moved forward with an attitude of doing those ministries while leaner?

10 Church Website Design Trends for 2022

There are many current trends in the web design space for businesses. But your church could implement some that will be especially beneficial for your congregation and people looking for a new church. Below you’ll find 10 Church Website Design Trends to use in 2022.

15 Ways To Measure Your Church’s Growth

Measuring church growth is not always easy. It’s certainly not as easy as simply counting heads. Plus, the COVID pandemic has thrown everything into chaos. Nevertheless, here are fifteen ways your church might evaluate its annual growth.

Are Choirs Dead?

Over the past decade it’s been no secret that church choirs have declined. The domino effect of Covid and the closure of choral publishers will be the final nail in the coffin for choirs as we have known them. Choirs…
I Hate Choirs

I Hate Choirs!

“I hate choirs!” So said a friend of mine at lunch as we…
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Top 10 Posts of 2013

2013 has been the busiest year ever here at, with almost 390,000…


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