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The Greatest Worship Leader

It isn’t wrong to be famous or to look up to the worship leader who is. However, their fame and talent are not the determining factors for greatness. At least, not by Jesus’ standard. So then, what is the determining…

Download The Pocket Guide to Copyright Licenses for Churches

We’ve talked to thousands of churches over the years, and the number one question we get is, “What license does my church need?” The short answer – based on your activities, there is a good chance you need more than one.

6 Tips for Summer Church Growth

Churchgoers are all over the place and distracted by everything from vacations to home improvement projects. Unfortunately, the empty seats often result in fewer gifts this time of year. But, don’t give up! Summer church growth is possible.

How To Be an All-Star Worship Team Volunteer

Serving in ministry is just as it is called; serving. You intentionally look to help with the needs of the ministry you are in. Taking the approach of “How can I best help the team?” or “How can I best help the leader?” is the core mindset needed.

Summer Slump

Worship Leaders, don’t you just pull your hair out in summer time? People take off for vacation and you’re left scrambling for players and vocalists. What to do? Problem: I can’t schedule praise team singers for rehearsals. Solution: Cherry-pick the…
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