A Worship Disruption

It is time for a major disruption in the worship paradigm of the church. 2020 set the stage, and we’re ready for a change.

Simple Live Stream Sound Setup

There’s all kinds of strategies out there for improving your live stream mix. Most require you to use a different mixer for your live stream and set up a control room. This works well, but it’s not a viable solution for a lot of churches.

Four Types of Church Families in 2021

2020 has without a doubt, been one of the most challenging years for ministry. If your ministry is like mine, our Sunday morning crowd looks very different since we came back. In the following article, there are four groups of families who are a part of the changes.

7 Tech Hacks To Engage With Scripture More In The New Year

As we prepare to enter a new year, many of us will resolve to engage with scripture more. The most obvious way to do this is with a daily Bible reading habit. That’s an excellent place to begin. There are several other ways to stay focused on the Bible throughout…

Worship Reboot

Happy 2021! The first weeks of January are one of those rare slow times – people are typically still in emotional recovery from the holidays (and 2020 as a whole!) and haven’t yet gotten back into the full swing of…

Linking Praise Songs

A few weeks ago celebrated an 11 year anniversary. The first WorshipIdeas…


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