What Do Congregations Really Want from Worship Leaders?

Congregants bring a wide variety of preferences in style, and perceived understandings, to worship. For some, music is not their primary language of communication with God. Worship leaders need to navigate these choppy waters with sensitivity.

Blessed Assurance

This arrangement of Blessed Assurance blends perfectly with popular modern worship music from Bethel, Hillsong and others.

Like many songs in the modern genre, this arrangement has the feel of spacious synths and unique chord patterns.

Listen to Blessed Assurance.

How Worship Becomes Noisy and Empty

The Book of Amos depicts an interesting problem. The problem is not that God’s people don’t worship. The problem is that they still consider themselves the people of God when their worship is hollow. Their worship has become nothing more than an irritating sound to God.

The Power Of Sound … Guys

PODCAST: Chris Clayton explains the minds of some of your most important members … the sound team.

5 Tips For Productive Worship Rehearsals

What is call time versus start time? If your goal is to literally start at 7:00 pm but your backing singers are standing around for 27 minutes waiting for your guitar player to replug his pedal board, then you will experience mounting frustration.

Eat The Mic

In the olden days, vocalists had to sing with an operatic roar to be heard. There was no such thing as a loudspeaker or microphone. Listen to the radio and television today and you’ll hear a drastically different, intimate style…

Linking Praise Songs

A few weeks ago celebrated an 11 year anniversary. The first WorshipIdeas…

Worship Reboot

Happy 2019! The first weeks of January are one of those rare slow…


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