10 Essential Elements To Include In Your Church’s Plan-Your-Visit Video

Thankfully, visitors don’t need to wait until Sunday to check out your church or begin preparing for their first encounter with you. With a brief but thorough plan-your-visit video, they can scope out your church’s vibe and best prepare themselves and their family for worship with you.

Six Considerations When Choosing Songs for Children

Choose songs that can become or already are a part of the church’s regular sung repertoire. This will further help children participate in your community’s worship and feel that they belong.

10 Helpful Online Design Tools That Every Church Should Consider

There are new online design tools and helpful technology coming out all the time. It can be difficult to navigate — not only creating the designs and creative content for your church — but also finding the tools that can make your process quicker.

Snapshot of a Part-Time Worship Leader

When I accepted my first music director ministry job it was a part-time position at a church plant. They couldn’t afford to hire a full time music person and frankly didn’t need one. The church eventually grew to around 300…

Linking Praise Songs

A few weeks ago WorshipIdeas.com celebrated an 11 year anniversary. The first WorshipIdeas…


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