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The Bizarre End of Worship Leader Magazine

Last week’s social media kerfluffle came courtesy of the bizarre actions of the aged rag Worship Leader Magazine. Back in the day this publication had real clout – every church I knew subscribed to it and got their monthly “Song…
RIP Worship Leader Magazine

12 Things That Can Discourage Congregational Singing

We love new songs and as a band, we enjoy learning them. However, our congregations don’t tire of songs as quickly as we do. For many, they only hear the songs once on Sunday morning or on Christian radio.

Attracting and Keeping Great Players

It’s like a spark that ignites. When skillful musicians come together in a true spirit of worship, the combined energy within the worship band is infectious and invigorating for the whole congregation. On the flip side, when it’s clear that the worship band is struggling musically, there is an awkwardness…

Easter Follow Up

Easter is right around the corner and for most churches that means their biggest attendance of the year. In the church I serve, it’s not uncommon for our attendance to double on Easter weekend. That means lots of new faces and lots of excitement. It also means you have a…

3 Approaches Every Church Should Consider For Their Email Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: church staff have an ever-increasing list of responsibilities. Whether you oversee pastoral counseling and first impressions or outreach and communications, every church leader knows there’s always another weekend service knocking at your door. With this reality in mind, it’s important to acknowledge that while every pastor would…

Jumpstart Your Worship Planning Creativity is 21 years old! The first email newsletter went out to about 400 people on February 11, 2002 (in the heyday, right before the blog explosion, the newsletter amassed over 100,000 subscribers.) At the time I was the music…
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All You Need Is ONE

If you’re ministering in a small church like I did you’ve probably found…


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