15 Ways to Recognize Control Freaks in Your Church

It’s important to keep your eyes open for controlling lay leaders in church who can negatively impact pastors, decision-making, and the overall health of the congregation. This list will help you spot negative behavior before it’s too late! See the full list.

9 Tips for Teaching Your Worship Team a New Song

Introducing a new worship song to your team can be tricky, but good preparation is key. Here are 9 tips to help your team learn a new song well, like sharing the original recording, finding great charts, showing live videos, using training resources, purchasing multitracks, writing vocal parts, modifying the…

The Top 20 Fast Worship Songs of 2023 [with Tutorials]

Looking for the best fast tempo worship songs to elevate your service? Here’s a compiled list of 20 upbeat praise songs [with tutorials!] with driving rhythms, passionate vocals, and powerful messages that will get your congregation singing, dancing, and celebrating God’s goodness. See the full list.

Worship Leader’s Fall Checklist

Update your calendar with major events, regular rehearsals, and admin tasks (stay organized!) Evaluate your song repertoire and rotation for the season ahead (freshen things up!) Check in with your worship team members on availability and roles (get on the…
Worship Leader Fall Checklist


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