How To Lead Your Worship Vocalists Better

Leading vocalists to sing well together is a huge part of building a musically excellent worship ministry. So here are 14 quick and actionable tips that you can implement with your singers this week to improve the vocals in your worship ministry!

The Life Cycle of Worship Songs

PODCAST: David Santistevan talks with Marc Jolicoeur, Worship Pastor at Moncton Wesleyan Church in New Brunswick, Canada. Marc has been part of a study (along with Mike Tapper, chair of Religion at Southern Wesleyan University) that analyzes the life curves of the songs we sing.

Summer Slump

Worship Leaders, don’t you just pull your hair out in summer time? People take off for vacation and you’re left scrambling for players and vocalists. What to do? Problem: I can’t schedule praise team singers for rehearsals. Solution: Cherry-pick the…
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