Blessed Assurance

This arrangement of Blessed Assurance blends perfectly with popular modern worship music from Bethel, Hillsong and others.

Like many songs in the modern genre, this arrangement has the feel of spacious synths and unique chord patterns.

Listen to Blessed Assurance.

How Can Social Distanced Worship Be Good?

Even before the COVID-19 physical shutdown of gathered worship services, congregations were constantly trying to discover and create good worship. But as congregations are starting to regather with new limitation guidelines, those conversation of “what is good worship” in this new reality have radically changed.

Church Live Stream Fails

PODCAST: Like mostly everyone else, we had to switch to 100% online services at our church when COVID-19 quarantine went into effect. Safe to say we had a few mishaps… but we figured it out along the way. In this podcast, we talk about what went wrong with our live…

Where Is Future Church Attendance Heading? 10 Questions. 10 Hunches.

Talk to any church leader over the last decade, and they’ll tell you it feels more challenging than ever to get people to come to church on a Sunday. Talk to any leader who is reopening his or her church, and they’ll tell you it’s even harder now. Current in-person…

Connecting Church Communities Through Video

Churches and ministry leaders can enrich their sense of community with a multifaceted media center. Powered by a versatile video platform, establishing an online presence can improve visibility and increase engagement amongst church members.

Worship Leader Misery

I know a worship leader who recently “left” his church. They said they wanted the typical megachurch-style worship, produced and professional, and that’s what he gave them. The congregation seemed to love it and attendance grew but unfortunately, that’s not…

Worship Reboot

Happy 2020! The first weeks of January are one of those rare slow…


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