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5 Tools Every Church Needs to Give Their Worship Pastor

Chris Creech discusses the importance of providing worship pastors with the necessary tools and support to lead effective worship services. He expresses his gratitude for being part of a church that gives him the resources he needs to succeed in his role. Creech highlights five key tools that worship pastors need:

1. Dynamite: To remove unnecessary elements or “boulders” from worship services, allowing for more efficient and meaningful experiences.
2. A steering wheel: Worship pastors should have control over the direction and flow of the service, making adjustments as needed without interference.
3. A blank canvas: Worship pastors must be given creative freedom to design unique and engaging services that cater to their congregation’s spiritual needs.
4. A helmet: Protection from criticism and complaints is essential for worship pastors, as they can become overwhelmed by negativity if not supported by their congregations and fellow leaders.
5. A different mealtime: Worship pastors need opportunities outside of Sunday mornings to engage in fellowship and spiritual growth with other believers.

Creech emphasizes that churches should support their worship pastors by giving them these tools, trusting their leadership, and creating an environment where they can thrive in their calling. By doing so, churches can foster more powerful worship experiences that bring glory to God while nurturing the spiritual growth of both leaders and congregantions alike.

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