10 Ministry Alternatives To Live Streaming

Live streaming isn’t right for every church. In an ideal world, equipment would be cheap and every church would have the infrastructure to host their own service via live stream. Now, many churches are struggling to make something work in a short amount of time because of COVID-19.

Re-Imagine Easter Gatherings

PODCAST: This is still a great time to connect with people outside the church and outside the faith, but our messaging will need to be more intentional—a lot simpler and a lot more compassionate to the needs of people around us.

Worship Leaders… HOLD FAST!

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful” (Heb 10:22-23).

Five Ways You Will Be A Different Pastor After The Pandemic

Some pastors are already adapting incredibly well during the pandemic. They are functioning more with an attitude of God’s abundant provisions than one of scarcity. These pastors are becoming amazingly creative and positive about the future. Unfortunately, others can’t wait to return to a church world that no longer exists.

Could Social Distancing Actually Bring Us All Together?

Every time I go outside, I see people talking and conversing with their neighbors in ways that two months ago, I never saw. Every person is in the very same boat and our shared experiences are drawing us together.

Don’t Waste Your Livestream

Do everything you can to facilitate small group singing in homes, even as people watch you on TV or on their laptop. Make it easy for them. Go back to the basics of worship leading.

Your Church Is Now A Blank Slate

When you return to gather for worship and fellowship and study, it will not be the same church before the coronavirus pandemic. The world will never be the same. And neither will your church.

Four Simple Steps to Start Streaming Worship

As churches around the world are reinventing how they worship, many are switching to streaming services online. Is this something your church is ready to implement but don’t know where to start?

Affordable Live Stream Gear For Every Church

Churches around the world are making the decision to stream their worship services online to stay in touch with their congregation and community. If your church is one of them, you may be wondering what equipment you need to get started.

9 Ways We’re Trying to Engage Online During this Crisis

I can’t help but think this is ultimately going to be a good thing for the church. I believe God is giving us an opportunity to shine during this moment, and the message of the gospel will be on display each weekend like it’s never been before.

Songs to Sing in a Pandemic

How does God encourage his people during times like these? He points us to who he is and what he has promised.


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