Philosophy of Worship

An encounter with God involves strong and real emotions and clear thinking. The following values provide a center to which we lead, and boundaries that allow innovation to occur in a context of creative confidence.

20/20 Vision

PODCAST: Lifeway’s Mike Harland kicks off the new year with some advice on how to bring the Word of God back into your ministry focus in 2020.

The Theology of Hymns Versus Modern Worship Songs

Both hymns and modern songs can be and are theological as long as they reflect and respond to biblical text; connect the word of God to the people of God; help us sing the gospel; can be sung with doctrinal integrity; and encourage us to be doers and not just…

Leading a Church for This Generation

PODCAST: An intentional focus on this generation means putting them into leadership positions, whether they are volunteers or you’re hiring them as staff.

Seven Local Church Trends

The attendance frequency issue is a topic of increasing interest. Simply stated, “active” members are attending with less frequency. It is the number one reason for decline in many churches.

Leading Worship at Christmas with Phil Wickham

PODCAST: Are you feeling overwhelmed as we enter the Christmas season? Phil Wickham joins the Loop Community podcast to discuss how to lead worship when you don’t feel like it (more…)

5 Ways To Involve Kids In Christmas Outreach

Many kids can get wrapped up in the excitement of all that comes with this season, so it is up to us to give them the chance to bless others through Christmas outreach.

Tips for the Production Survivors

You have prepared, planned, rehearsed, promoted, and prayed for your Christmas event for most of the year. When the concerts are over and it’s Monday morning, what do you do?

Top 25 Songs of JOY for the Fourth Week of Advent

The Advent season is one of reflection and preparation as we lead up to Christmas. The fourth week of advent focuses on JOY. Here is a list of top Christmas worship songs pertaining to the theme of JOY from Praisecharts.

Top 15 Christmas Songs for Churches

Every year, new Christmas songs are written and performed by popular artists from nearly every music genre, but at church worship gatherings, the classics still reign.

Singing the Bible

Most people know more worship songs than they do bible verses, but Brandon Oaks believe by singing the Bible regularly, you will witness God printing His word on your heart in a powerful way.


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