How To Evaluate and Improve Your Church Website

Have you ever visited a church website that just made you cringe a little? Maybe the content was out-of-date, the homepage was confusing and jumbled, or maybe it just looked old.

Listening Skills for Worship Musicians

Becoming a better worship band player involves development in many practical, musical and theological ways and all are important, but one of the key musical skills that can be worked on is learning to listen. In fact a professional musician friend of mine says that in a worship band setting…

Song Introduction: 4 Ways To Do It Right

On Tuesday morning a new song comes across the wire and you are inspired. It’s got everything you look for: solid biblical lyrics, a soaring melody that manages to hang within the congregational range and a killer guitar hook that stays with you for days. Sunday arrives and you let…

Stop Blaming Music for Worship Conflict

We often blame music for what only a healthier biblical theology of worship can fix. The sole emphasis on music as the primary worship offering may have actually hindered worship understanding and exacerbated worship conflicts.

How Worship Works In Concert With Other Church Ministries To Make Disciples

As worship pastors, we can get so caught up in what I call the conservatory approach to music ministry that we lose sight of our mission. This approach focuses on musical excellence and developing great choirs, worship teams, orchestras, and bands. Those are worthy goals, but we run the risk…

Top 3 Things All Church Sound Techs Should Know

So many of us got our start in audio by simply being a “warm body” that was willing to help. And what started as “just helping out” turned into a trial-by-fire method of learning how to run live sound and deal with all of the challenges associated with it.

The Ten Commandments of Worship Slides

Nothing is worse than being late on lyrics. It halts the worship of your people. We’ve all been there – you’re singing along and you’re two lines into the next slide before the operator advances to the next slide of lyrics.

Worship Wars: Volume Levels In Church Sound

Before sound techs and worship pastors can arrive at a positive solution for solving volume levels at church, it is important to cover some basic insights for acceptable and unacceptable volume ranges.


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