What Are You Going To Do With Christmas?

There is much questioning about what we can do for Christmas this year. With all the social distancing, concerns about large groups singing, etc., it certainly cramps the usual Christmas presentations.

Songs That Preach

Preaching is the act of publicly proclaiming, teaching, or making something known. It exhorts, exposits, affirms, corrects, advocates, instructs, responds, and applies. The act of preaching communicates to us, for us, and through us.

PODCAST: Escaping The COVID Rut

A lot of things got put on hold because of the Coronavirus. Now that we are back open and operating as normal, some things remain on the back burner for no good reason. It’s time to find our stride again.

PODCAST: Bringing On The Wrong Person

In this episode, we talk about what happens when you bring the wrong person onto the worship team and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Bandwagon Effect

The idiom “jumping on the bandwagon” suggests following the crowd for the excitement of the event rather than any firm conviction in its direction or truthfulness. In other words, jumping on without considering all of the contexts, circumstances, or consequences. The bandwagon effect occurs when the application of beliefs, ideas,…

PODCAST: What Are Leading Churches Doing For Weekend Programming This Fall?

How committed are we really to forging the future rather than preserving the past? Today we’ve got another special episode of the unSeminary podcast where we sit down with three fantastic church leaders from around North America—Ben Stapley, Chris Vacher and Brian Tome—and ask them some questions about the future…

4 Big Days You Should Plan This Fall

In the first four weeks of August, my church has welcomed 40 first time guests to the church. That’s an incredible number, even if we weren’t dealing with a pandemic.

Cool Christianity Is (Still) a Bad Idea

At the beginning of the 21st century, “relevance” became the prevailing buzzword in Western evangelical Christianity. Sensing new urgency to make the gospel more appealing to the next generation—which polls showed were leaving faith in greater numbers—pastors, church leaders, and Christian influencers tried to rebrand faith.

An Ergonomic Setup For Your Desk – Simple Hacks

Adults generally spend most of their time at work or working. Hence the importance of making sure it that work isn’t harmful. Like mental health, other aspects of occupational health are often given thoughts after suffering some ailments. Working from home and not having much of a life outside, had me…

Better Sundays Begin On Monday

Breaking down game film is a discipline sports teams often incorporate after each game. So why aren’t individual pastors, worship leaders, and even worship leading teams regularly incorporating similar evaluative practices?

Worship Blues

Many people, of course, like their worship scrubbed and safe, scripted and predictable. They like their prayer well-organized and their music tidy. Like their theology. And their pews. But people who’ve lived a little. People who’ve found themselves in the mess of life, the incredibly broken mess of life, sing…

3 Great Places Church Media Techs Can Find Community Online

Serving in production can often be one of the loneliest places to be involved in the church. Because of the early mornings, long days, and late nights that sometimes make up this unique area of ministry, only the most committed individuals stick it out. You can be left feeling like…


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