5 Ways to Revive The Worship Songs You’ve Overplayed

What a Beautiful Name, This is Amazing Grace, Waymaker, Build My Life, Great Are You, Lord… only a few of the many songs our churches have completely exhausted! I’m sure you identify with this: 1) A new AMAZING worship song comes out and you decide to start leading it at…

WPSermons: A better sermon plug-in for WordPress?

Tapes. That’s what folks used to hand-deliver to the house-bound church members. It’s no surprising that sharing church sermons continues to be a key function for many church tech teams. But as technology continues to evolve, the way we share sermons has to as well.

2 Ways To Increase Summer Giving

While we love the warmer weather that summer brings, church leaders tend to dread a decrease in giving. More families on vacation lead to a drop in attendance and therefore, less giving. Thankfully, there are ways to increase summer giving and beat the summer giving slump.

PODCAST: Loving the Church You Serve with Carl Kuhl

When planting a new church, many leaders are tempted to copy culture from other churches and then create systems of their own. In reality we need to do just the opposite. Listen in as Carl shares some ways to help your church discover its culture and stay true to it.

Becoming an Excellent Musician ft. Tim Bell

Does focusing too much on skill turn worship into a performance? Do we honor God when we do just enough to get by? Tim Bell joins the discussion in this episode to explain the purpose of excellence and how we can honor God by becoming excellent musicians.

5 Church Background Trends for 2021

In 2021, there are more worship backgrounds for churches to choose from than ever before. There’s such a vast selection, in fact, that it can be overwhelming, but that just means there’s plenty of room to be creative as you choose backgrounds to enhance your worship services this year and…

Pulpit Envy – David W. Manner

No matter how large or small, every church should be developing distinctly and becoming uniquely the congregation God has called them to be. Loving the Lord with heart, soul, mind, and strength and loving our neighbor as we love ourselves are never contingent on congregational size or abilities. It is…

Naming Church YouTube Videos To Get More Views

When you have a question or when you want to learn a new skill, where do you go to find the answer? For most, they find themselves quickly going to YouTube. Because of this, It makes sense to post and name church YouTube videos in a way that helps them…

A Solemn Good Friday Prayer During The COVID-19 Pandemic

In many traditions, the Good Friday prayer of intercession serves as an annual opportunity to bring before God all the burdens and concerns of God’s people. As such, this congregational prayer is often long and wide-ranging. This prayer has been written for Good Friday in the context of the COVID-19…

Spirit-Responsive Worship Leadership Saves Lives

Leading worship for thirty+ years teaches you a few things. One of them is that lingering in musical worship – led by a worship leader who has been trained over years to be pastorally responsive to the Holy Spirit in worship – saves lives.

7 Best Pages To Include On Your Church Website

Almost every church and ministry has a website. However, many churches struggle with knowing what to include on their site. Here are seven of the most important pages you need for your church website site.


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