The Greatest Worship Leader

It isn’t wrong to be famous or to look up to the worship leader who is. However, their fame and talent are not the determining factors for greatness. At least, not by Jesus’ standard. So then, what is the determining factor? What are the proper metrics to use?

Download The Pocket Guide to Copyright Licenses for Churches

We’ve talked to thousands of churches over the years, and the number one question we get is, “What license does my church need?” The short answer – based on your activities, there is a good chance you need more than one.

6 Tips for Summer Church Growth

Churchgoers are all over the place and distracted by everything from vacations to home improvement projects. Unfortunately, the empty seats often result in fewer gifts this time of year. But, don’t give up! Summer church growth is possible.

How To Be an All-Star Worship Team Volunteer

Serving in ministry is just as it is called; serving. You intentionally look to help with the needs of the ministry you are in. Taking the approach of “How can I best help the team?” or “How can I best help the leader?” is the core mindset needed.

Getting Started with Multitracks in Worship

If you haven’t used multitracks before, it can seem confusing and difficult to get started! Check out all of the resources and gear below to help you get started using multitracks at your church.

Better Sundays Begin On Monday: Worship Evaluation

The book, Better Sundays Begin on Monday offers foundational worship considerations to help leadership teams ask questions evaluatively rather than defensively. These weekly reflections encourage worship leaders and their teams to think beyond style to biblical and theological worship content.

4 Top Takeaways For Doing Online Church Services Well

All the leading voices agree — online church services are not just recording church. So then, what is online church? How can we possibly take something as earthy, bodily, and sacramental as church and replicate it online?

3 Reasons Why Your Church’s Marketing is in Trouble

Your church’s marketing may be in trouble and you’re not aware of it. Unless you have a clear idea of who you are, what you do, and why you do it, then your audience will be confused and your marketing will be ineffective

4 Powerful Steps To Leading Worship With Confidence

Although it may seem obvious, leading worship requires the ability to stand up in front of a congregation with confidence – and to connect in a meaningful way with people who have come to trust our leadership. However, confidence doesn’t always come naturally. How can we cultivate and maintain a…

4 Keys to Playing Guitar When There are Multiple Guitarists on Stage

Clashing parts and clashing tones always seem to come up. It is totally normal for these hiccups to arise because alongside an additional guitar player is a skill. To do this well, there are a few things guitar players should keep in mind when playing with other guitar players.

Simple Shifts: Are the Changes Your Church Needs to Make Really That Big?

Are you tired of hearing about all the big shifts, pivots or changes that need to happen due to all the “unprecedented” disruptions we’ve experienced the last couple of years? Whether you’ve been in church ministry for two years or more than two decades, it’s enough to make anyone start…

The Community Is Not Coming to Your Church

For decades, many church strategies have been built around getting people in the community to come to your church. Big events. Great signage. Social media marketing. The attractional church. You get the picture.


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