Elevation Church Confidentiality Agreement


Over the past few weeks a confidentiality agreement that must be signed by Elevation Church volunteers has stirred up controversy on the Internets.

Some have blasted the document:

This goes well beyond just manipulation of members. By asking volunteers to sign this document puts well-meaning members of Elevation Church at great legal peril. If the church perceives a member is violating any terms of this document by publicly criticizing the church over finances – or even publicly disclosing abuse within the walls of the church – the church will consider them to have done “irreparable damage” to “the Church”, and the church will seek a court injunction against the member.

And here’s Pastor Steven Furtick’s infamous “Hey Haters” video (editor’s note: since this article was originally published, the “Hey Haters” video has been scrubbed from the Internet except for this one instance.)

What do you think: is the confidentiality agreement prudent business or cult-like?

Download the PDF of the Confidentiality Agreement.


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