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Finding Good Worship Songs

Matthew Starner, Director of Worship & Arts at Journey of Faith in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a few ideas for selecting quality worship songs:

There are times when I look at the traditional church and think to myself that they might be onto something.

Just think about how it works for us Lutherans: At the synodical level, a group of musicians, pastors and theologians come together to review hymns, approve them, catalog them by theme, scripture and season and assemble them into a hymnal, complete with a guide for which hymns to use on each Sunday of the church year. They do all the heavy lifting and now the local church music director has a large batch of appropriate hymns from which to choose – often as many as 800!

For those of us not primarily using hymns or the hymnal as our primary source of music, all that work gets moved to the desk of the local church music director. For those of you out there like me who are charged with finding good worship songs, here’s some pointers that I try to keep in mind.

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