Guidelines For A Strong Worship Team

Mark Cole lists his standards for his worship team:

In any quality organization there are codes of conduct and concrete expectations. A number of years ago I attended a worship conference at Gateway Church in Dallas and was totally impressed by their worship team. Based on Gateway’s code of conduct and my own experience, here are my standards and guidelines for my worship team.


  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is consistent and growing through prayer, Bible reading and church fellowship.
  • Be a committed attendee and tither of our church, including regular attendance at Sunday Services.
  • Demonstrate technical competence as either a singer, musician or audio/media technician.
  • Singers and musicians must be comfortable on stage and expressive in their praise and worship before God.
  • Maintain an faithful attendance record.
  • Be committed to practicing an hour or more per week on their Sunday songs at home.


  • Worship team members are expected to live a lifestyle that is above reproach, avoiding even the appearance of evil. (I Tim 3). Being a minister, who is up front, adds extra responsibilities because people see us as examples of what a Christian should be like. Therefore, it is imperative that we consider the way we treat each other and carefully guard our hearts from impurities and pride.
  • It is God’s desire and our desire to see our worship team members living a victorious Christian life, free from bondage. If there are any addictions or issues with which you struggle, please let us know – we are here to help you, not to judge you.

The following issues should be dealt with before any public ministry position is taken:

  •  Alcohol and drug abuse. Sexual immorality
  •  Prideful attitude. Anger and rage problems,
  •  Inability to submit to leadership, gossiping and stirring up strife
  •  An unbiblical lifestyle

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