How Many Songs Do You Use In Worship?


How many songs do you use in your worship services? Take the poll below.

Some churches like Hillsong might have an hour of worship music. Some megachurches have a praise set of 4-5 songs with another song during the offering right before the sermon. This offering song may be more of a “special” – a CCM artist song or secular song that fits the theme of the sermon.

Other megachurches (with mega-egos of the mega-pastor) can only afford 2 or, at most, 3 songs total so there can be 45 minutes or more for that all-important sermon. (One megachurch worship leader lamented they were lately only allowed ONE song a week since the pastor was on a long-winded tear with his latest sermon series! Can you imagine paying top dollar for the best band in town… to play one song!?)

When I started years ago at a contemporary church planted by a traditional Presbyterian church we could only manage a 3 song praise set – the congregation just wasn’t acclimated to longer sets. As time went on and the congregation started getting “into” worship music we were able to do 4-5 songs each week.

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How Many Songs Do You Use During Worship?

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