In Ear Monitoring with an iPad

website creator I was in LA last week for the NAMM show where companies introduce new music software, instruments and equipment. Music software technology seems to have leveled off – a few years ago you’d find something bigger and better at each show. Now I’m seeing a lot of the same software only rehashed with added features.

It’s definitely the year of the iPad – I saw them everywhere. Companies like Presonus are using them for control surfaces for their hardware.

Since I’ve been talking about click tracks lately, one product of interest to worship leaders is the ProCo Momentum in-ear monitoring system. Instead of having your own little mixing box like the Aviom system, you can download a very cool app for an iPad or iPhone to control individual mixes. An Android app is coming.

ProCo Momentum
ProCo Momentum in-ear monitoring system

IK Multimedia showed the iRig Mic for iPad/iPhone – great for quick demos, and the iKlip – a stand for your iPad. Daniel, one of our keyboardists, brings his iPad to rehearsal and reads his charts from it – he’ll love this thing.

Another new iPad stand is the GigEasy.

The AirTurn allows you to turn pages on your laptop/iPad with a footswitch (even a cordless bluetooth version for the iPad.)

Watch a quick video to get a glimpse of NAMM 2011.

Next week: I’ll tell you about my visit to two LA churches.


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