The State of Children’s Choirs and Curriculum Possibilities

Kenny Lamm says children’s choirs are making a comeback.

Over the past years, many churches have cancelled their children’s choirs for a variety of reasons. As some churches have tried to simplify their overburdening schedules, children’s choirs were one of the first things to go in the children’s ministry. As many churches have moved to a more contemporary model, the leadership felt the children’s choir ministry was from the old school approach, and therefore no longer relevant. Others may have seen reduced participation and felt it was no longer worth maintaining the program.

Now, churches are reaping the results of dropping the children’s music programs by seeing a great reduction in the pool of young adults who are skilled in music due to fewer people receiving singing and other musical training (many schools have also abolished or cut back their music programs).

Today, in many churches, we are seeing that children’s choirs are making a comeback. Churches all across the country that have cast aside their children’s choir programs are reinstating them. New life is being breathed into children’s choir programs.

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