Tips to Help a Small Church Look Like a Big Church #2


I recently visited a small church that has a lot going for it – a healthy congregation with a wide range of ages (if you have mostly old people or mostly young people in your church, it isn’t healthy,) a fantastic young preacher and a talented worship leader. This ministry is poised to boom. I’ve been sharing a few simple things (common to most smaller ministries I’ve visited) that, with improvement, would enhance the church as they move to the next level:

2. Create a modern, professional logo. You’ve probably been tempted to purchase something because the packing was so cool, haven’t you? Excellent graphics are a subtle indicator of quality. Is your church logo clip-arty or dated? If so, a potential visitor might get an initial impression that your ministry is musty.

Another reason it’s important to get your church logo right because it’s literally everywhere – signs, brochures, websites and business cards.

Take a look at this post where I’ve compiled my favorite logos from several of the top megachurches in the country. Which ones do you like best? Use those as a guide for creating your own. You probably have a marketing person or graphic designer sitting in your congregation who would love to use their gifts for their church.

One of my favorite logos is from the new local church Citylights. The logo is clean, simple, looks good huge or tiny, and is reminicent of Greenville’s renowned downtown walking bridge:


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