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Unbelievable: Church Hosts Male Stripper, Mark Driscoll Gets Kicked Off Stage for Objecting


In a bizarre turn of events, the Stronger Men’s Conference at James River Church in Springfield, Missouri, has found itself at the center of a controversy after inviting a male pole dancer to perform on stage. The incident, which took place on April 15, 2024, has sparked a heated debate within the Christian community, with many questioning the judgment of the conference organizers.

The story, as reported by John Knox on, revolves around the actions of Mark Driscoll, a megachurch pastor known for his fiery sermons and controversial past. Driscoll, who was invited to speak at the conference, publicly called out the organizers for their decision to hire a male pole dancer as the opening act.

According to Knox, the performance was “relatively benign” and mischaracterized by Driscoll as having a sexual undertone. However, the fact remains that the conference leaders thought it appropriate to have a half-naked acrobat perform on stage at a church-hosted event meant to inspire and guide men in their spiritual journey. The “acrobat,” a former contestant on Britian’s Got Talent, is also a known male stripper.

The incident has shed light on the growing concern that many American churches have become more focused on spectacle and entertainment than on sound teaching and spiritual growth. As Knox points out, “Something is deeply rotten in American churches. We have turned houses of worship for Almighty God into circuses.”

The article delves into the background of Mark Driscoll, a controversial figure who has faced his own share of scandals in the past. Despite his checkered history, Knox argues that Driscoll’s frustration with the conference organizers is understandable, even if his theological interpretations may be questionable.

The story takes an unexpected turn when John Lindell, the pastor of James River Church, forces Driscoll off the stage, citing Matthew 18 about confronting a brother privately. Knox criticizes Lindell’s use of Scripture, stating, “let’s not twist the Word of God to justify hiring strippers for our men’s conferences, eh?”

The controversy at the Stronger Men’s Conference serves as a wake-up call for the American Christian community. It is a reminder that the church must remain focused on its true purpose – to glorify God and lead people to a deeper understanding of His word. As Knox aptly states, “Get your house in order, American Christian.”

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