David Santistevan

Why Every Musician Needs To Think Like A Producer

Ever get frustrated by another musician you work with? If you haven’t, you’re lying.

Think about it: musicians of different generations, unique styles, different preferences, varying degrees of skill, different goals – all placed on the same stage. There’s nothing like a worship team!

This weekend I was having a conversation with one of the drummers on my team, a great friend. He’s a good drummer – passionate, great feel, good sense of time, loves Jesus, and has the kind of attitude any worship leader would envy.

But even with all these positives in place, something was amiss. Something sounded off.

So began a great conversation that changed everything.

Bottom line – this guy wasn’t thinking of the band. He was mindful of himself. He wasn’t thinking like a producer.

And that’s what this whole post is about – why you and all your team members can benefit from thinking like a producer, a music director, the one responsible for the overall sound.

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