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Why You Should Be Singing Old Songs

Fred McKinnon on bringing back the golden oldies… from 2005! (Fred talks about the Hillsong tune From the Inside Out later in this article – written by Joel Houston in 2005.)

Why can’t you just sing some of the older songs?

If you’ve been a worship leader for more than two weeks you’ve likely had this question. It’s rarely asked in a sincere tone and usually comes with a sting of harsh judgment.

I’ve been involved in worship ministry since I was a teenager. I watched the birth of what we would call the “modern worship music” and have seen it’s blessings over the years. I’ve also been caught up in the cross fire of the arguments and wars over musical style and selection.

I love new songs. I firmly believe in introducing new songs to our congregations. The final “Amen” at the end of the Book of Revelation was not the final “Amen” for those of us who are crafting songs to tell the great story of the Kingdom.

There is also something stirring and powerful about singing the old songs. Many worship leaders just don’t want to hear this. If that’s you and you feel a resistance building up as you read this, I hope you’ll take a deep breath and listen.

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