Worship Reboot


Happy 2024! The first weeks of January are one of those rare slow times – people are typically still in emotional recovery from the holidays (and 2023 as a whole!) and haven’t yet gotten back into the full swing of things. Let’s take advantage of it and use the next few days to reevaluate yourself and your ministry.

If possible, get away for an hour or three and JUST THINK. For instance, sometimes I’ll take an hour or so trip to a neighboring town to have lunch at a nice restaurant and use the driving time to “dreamcast” and pray about my life – what I want to do and where I want to go next. Ideas to help you start thinking:

How can I improve myself?

  • learn a new instrument
  • take an online course
  • start on a degree
  • learn how to use multitracks and loops
  • brush up on songwriting
  • memorize Scripture regularly

How can I improve my ministry?

  • get more organized or find an assistant
  • start hanging out after rehearsals to encourage fellowship
  • offer vocal or instrumental training to your team
  • make an extra effort to care for each team member
  • take your pastor to lunch
  • give a talented young person an opportunity

Where do you see yourself in one year? Where do you WANT to be in one year? Are you truly happy – if not what needs to change?

Where do you see your ministry in one year? Can you get two or three people deep for each slot: vocals, drums, guitars, keys? Should you start a praise choir? What needs to happen to get your room sounding better? How can you improve your streaming quality?

Bottom line: Carve out time this week to pray: ask the Lord to guide you into a fruitful 2024 for His glory.


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