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10 Pet Peeves of a Visual Worshiper

Camron Ware, Mr. Visual Worshiper, finds himself in different churches almost weekly – helping them set up environmental projection and visual worship atmospheres. He sees a bunch of situations and things that definitely aren’t ideal. Some things just bug him. Here’s a list of things he’d like to see change in churches that use visual worship.

10. Using the fonts Comic Sans or Papyrus.
Yes, it’s the running joke in the church media world, but I still see it. There are better fonts out there. Try finding a font site that lets you preview your text first before downloading.

9. Not taking care of your equipment.
Wonder why your lights keep failing and your projectors are dim? It’s probably that inch-thick layer of dust on the equipment still using the original lamp.

8. Having your moving lights spinning around the entire song.
Moving lights are for enhancing, not stealing the show (in the context of worship).

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