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10 Roles You Probably Didn’t Sign Up For When You Became A Worship Leader

Jon Nicol dispels the fantasy of worship nirvana:

Before you were a worship leader, do you remember what you *thought* it was going to be like? You imagined that each week you would…

  • plan a set list that was spooned-fed by the Holy Spirit himself.
  • rehearse a team that shows up on time and fully prepared.
  • lead worship for a congregation that sings out, claps and lifts their hands without any prompting, and rushes the platform after the service to tell you how amazingly God moved through you to bless them.

And then in between all that bliss, you would…

  • have ample time to hone your vocal and guitar (or keyboard) skills.
  • spend hours at Starbucks mentoring team members.
  • log at least 5 – 10 hours a week in focused prayer.
  • start a blog detailing your awesome worship leader life (or at least tweet about it 6 – 9 times a day).
  • write and record deeply artistic and inspired songs (and probably sign a record deal with Integrity Worship).

If you’ve been leading worship for more than 10 minutes, you know the above is a worship leader nirvana that not too many people ascend to. And even if we think another worship leader has reached that apex, spending 10 minutes in their fashionably scuffed boots and tightly tapered jeans would probably reveal otherwise.

What we thought we were getting when we signed up as a worship leader is really only a small part of the package. Here are ten roles that we didn’t think we signed up for as a worship leader.

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