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10 Worship Commitments for 2014

Worship leader David Santistevan shares his new year resolutions for ministry:

To start things off, I’m going to share with you my commitments for 2014. What I’ve done is taken all my different roles (Christian, Husband, Dad, Worship Leader, Business Owner) and created a declaration about what I want to see happen.

Then, I’ll share with you how it will get done.

I’m sharing my ten commitments in hopes that it will inspire you to make your own.

So here we go. My 10 commitments:

1. I commit to gaze steadily upon the glory of God every day, in front of crowds or by myself, to put my life in its proper context.

2. I commit to read and study God’s Words more than I think upon my own ideas.

3. I commit to stay madly in love with my wife.

4. I commit to loving my kids and creating an atmosphere in our home for God’s presence, creativity, exploration, conversation and fun.

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