Rich Kirkpatrick

2015’s Top 5 WORST Trends in Worship Leading

I have identified five trends that have come to life this year that might be damaging to our expression of Christian worship. Some of these are connected to a tool’s application. The wonderful tools we have around us and the choices for leaders are greater than ever. Our ingenuity and cleverness has reached new heights. But, with all creativity there are two sides. Creativity as innovation solves a problem. Creativity as art tells a story. When we forget the story—basically who we are—in our desire to solve a presenting issue we lose ourselves.

These trends are based on what I have read, observations and interaction with hundreds of leadership of worship over this past year I have connected five trends that we need so discuss as we enter a new year of opportunity.

Marketing the church through music.

What brings in the crowds, or even the cash, is often what is measured these days. Being “attractional” is not an evil. But, is the goal of our weekend worship services to simply fill the seats or is it more than that? The drive of many leaders to market a ministry may come from an evangelistic heart. However, music and art is something that tells a story. Madison Avenue has known this for decades. Do we tell our story, the story of the Gospel, or connect to the people we are trying to reach? Or, do we pander to the lowest common denominator? What draws a crowd? What keeps a crowd? Maybe there are deeper questions we should ask. Is our music a tool for marketing or a tool for worship? If it is both, what comes first?

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