25 Last-Minute Christmas Worship Ideas

Robert Carnes says there’s enough time to add a little more to your Christmas plans.

Develop a Christmas landing page on your website. This gives you one specific place to compile all relevant holiday information, such as a complete calendar of events. This way, you only have one URL to share and one page for visitors to learn anything they need to know.

Just like we decorate our homes for the holidays, give your social media accounts a holiday makeover. Change out profile or cover photos to ones consistent with your Christmas theme. Or even just add snowflakes or Santa hats.

Try adding original content to your social media accounts daily to serve as a continued reminder that the holiday season is upon us. It could be as simple as quoting appropriate Bible passages leading up to Christmas.

Create a Christmas promo video. OK, that sounds like a lot of work, right? It doesn’t have to be. Consider ways to make short videos. Single camera, your pastor inviting people to your Christmas services, 30 seconds. Simple.

Encourage people to share their favorite family traditions on social media. Collect some of the best ones and share them during services (with their permission, of course).

Add audio clips of songs you will be singing on Sunday or cell phone videos of kids singing in the choir. Not sure what to record? Grab 15 seconds of choir practice as a teaser.

Want to go a step further? Record a rehearsal and offer a Christmas song for download. It’s a fun, free way to get people in the spirit. (Remember copyright laws. You probably need to stick with a public domain song.)

Pay for some Facebook ads. You can closely target them and only pay for clicks, so you get more bang for your buck.

Post Throwback Thursday photos of Christmas at your church from years past. Create momentum with a series of countdown photos on social media.

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