3 Must-Have Microphones for Any Worship Team

Jordan Tracy lists his favorite mics and why:

A question many churches face these days is which microphone is best suited for my worship team vocalists? There seems to be an unending array of options to choose from. You also have to ask the question – how can I pick a great quality microphone and still be a good steward of our church budget? Well, I am going to introduce you to 3 microphones that you will want to have in your audio arsenal every weekend.

The Workhorse

The first is the SM58 by Shure. This is one of the most widely used vocal microphones out there. It is the very definition of industry standard. Church Tech Directors and Music industry producers across the globe agree that the SM58 is the best investment you could ever make. At a price of $99 new or about $60 used, your church budget will not even notice the purchase. I myself own 4 of them and bring them to every gig I ever work. It has a standard cardioid pattern, its dynamic so it requires no phantom power, and it is built like a tank. These microphones are the ones you want in your youth ministry. They can take a variety of abuse, dropped, kicked, thrown, dented and scratched and still sound and work beautifully. On the rare occasion that you ran over one with your truck, parts are readily available or you can replace it with a new one for a hundred bucks. When it comes to signal quality, every audio engineer knows that the SM58 will provide a quality image of the signal source. I have a personal story that will shock and amaze some of you about the SM58, but Ill wait ‘til the end of the article to share that with you.

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