3 worship steps

3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Deepen Next Sunday’s Service

Mark J Martin offers simple reminders.

1. Consider the Flow.

By flow, I’m not just talking about musical aspects, like tempo (begin with a fast song, move toward slower), although that can be a part of it.

I’m also not just talking about theme – again, a good part of the process.

I’m primarily talking about the flow of thought as you progress through the service. How is it all connected? What’s the purpose for singing each song, and how does it all fit together?

Are you moving the congregation through a journey – one of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and service?

If a theme based worship set, do the songs fit together well? Would one song work better before another instead of after?

Sometimes, the song choice is right, and all it takes to strengthen impact is switching the order.

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