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3 Simple To-Dos for a Better Easter

Kevin D. Hendricks: It can be a crazy week for church communicators.

Yesterday we remembered Christ’s triumphant march into Jerusalem with waving palm branches. And so begins the inevitable march to Easter, your last-minute, last-ditch effort to get everything done during Holy Week and before Easter Sunday. It can be a crazy week for church communicators, and honestly, it’s too late to launch anything new. So we’ve got three simple things to help you out this week: Prayer, Peace & Post Personally.

1. Prayer First and foremost, this is a good time to pray. One of the first things West Ridge Church communications director Phil Bowdle mentioned when talking about Easter during our debut sneak peek podcast was prayer: “We’re focusing a lot on prayer. We often get so wrapped up in our own plans and ideas and here’s how we want it to go. But we know nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. So for us, even as a team, we’re trying to focus on that side of it too, and pray that God will use Easter services here and all over in a big way.”

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