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3 Steps for Introducing New Songs at Church

Kevin Kruse is overwhelmed with worship songs.

I’ve wrestled with this dilemma before, but it seems more than ever there are just some amazing songs being written for the church. I find that with every new worship album I purchase there are usually multiple songs that I feel would be a fit for our church. It’s exciting and frustrating all at the same time! And as these new anthems continue to be written for the church, I feel the weight and the responsibility of selecting the “right” songs increasing.

So what do you do? With so many great songs, how do you choose which ones and how do you effectively introduce them to your church? Let me give you 3 simple steps that I have used that I think might help as you try and introduce new songs in your church

1. Pray. I know, it seems obvious. But I really believe prayer is important. If we’re not pressing near the heart of the Father God and really leaning in on Him for wisdom, then our song selections will be fueled out of possible unhealthy motives; like wanting to be trendy, or wanting a song that we think our voice sounds good singing. But when you pray and ask God, the songs might not always be the “cool” one, but they will be the right one.

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