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4 Guidelines for Worship Team Dress Code

Kade Young dreads confronting dress code issues.

As a worship leader, you probably dread confronting dress code issues. So, you sit back and think to yourself, “Surely I won’t have to address cleavage and butt cracks on a worship team!” Well, if it hasn’t happened to you already, I can almost guarantee it will.

That dreaded day approached during my second year as a full-time worship leader. It was Sunday morning and pre-service rehearsal was in full swing with a member of our worship team members running late. So here I am, on stage, when the latecomer walks in the door with a skirt shorter than mid-thigh along with a revealing blouse (if you know what I mean). I am pretty sure that my jaw hit the floor out of pure shock, and my mind began racing, trying to find a solution to this unexpected problem.

Considering I had neglected the issue, I chose not to address it until the following Thursday rehearsal. So, if this has not happened to you yet, let me share four dress code guidelines to help keep your team in the safe-zone.

1. No Cracks, Top or Bottom

This one does not take much explaining, but it is absolutely necessary to verbalize to your team. So be plain: ‘We don’t want to see cleavage, and we don’t want to see your butt crack.’

Truth is, we live in the day of low-cut blouses and low-rise jeans. There is no excuse for cleavage, as you can still be ‘in-style’ without showing all of that. But when it comes to low-rise jeans, the best solution is to wear an undershirt and tuck it in. That way if the opportunity ever arises for your butt crack to shine, it is nicely covered.

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