4 Reasons Why Pastors Should Help Lead Worship

Philip Nation encourages pastors to find ways to join the worship leader from time to time:

astors who preach are probably not the most likely candidates for leading worship music. Some have wonderful singing voices but most have no training in leading worship music. But every now and again, we who preach are giving the privilege to aid in leading people to sing to the Lord.

On the most recent Sunday night, my church came together for a Night of Worship. We sang mostly older hymns; some arranged to contemporary styles. It was a time of great joy, a few tears, and the sweet community of the saints who love our Savior. In joking with our worship pastor Aaron Loy about when “my solo” would be in the service, he suggested that I join the small group of worship leaders on the platform.

I jumped at the opportunity.

After all, I sang bass and baritone for two years on a music scholarship for a community college. In other words, I have just enough training to sound like an amplified bullfrog. But, as I’ve had opportunity over the years to participate in ensembles and the like, I always seize the moment. One, because I love to sing. Two, because I love to watch the church sing.

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