4 Ways to Be Strategic This Easter

Rob Rash offers Easter planning ideas:

There are many reasons why I love Easter. It’s a time of great joy, family get togethers, and celebration.

Of course, it’s really all about Jesus!

But it’s also about the church and about those who may come to hear this good news we celebrate. Easter will be here before we know it. Crazy I know. It seems like we just made it through the Christmas season and here we are talking about Easter.

However, we are only a few weeks out and as much as I love Christmas, Easter is kind of a big deal. One a quick theological side note, without a risen savior who defeated death and sin, the apostle Paul says that we are of all people most to be pitied. Indeed, Christ had to come as a baby, yet if he didn’t fulfill the scriptures, live the perfect life, die the most gruesome death AND rise again to life, then he was just a good man who died.

The resurrection is everything!

It’s the crux of all humanity.

And in light of this hope, we should not treat easter as just another Sunday nor revert back to what we’ve always done. Easter Sunday needs to be a glorious time of celebrating the risen Christ. And if you’re not planning and preparing and praying through this season, you might miss an incredible opportunity.

Unfortunately, many times, my ‘great’ ideas happen after the fact. Elements like videos, song selection and the like. Or, I just didn’t do a great job of planning and preparing my church for our Easter services.

With that in mind, I’d like to offer a few suggestions to help you make the most of your Easter services and the days leading up to them.

Here are a few ways you can be strategic in the weeks leading up to Easter in order to make it the very best.

1) Dream With Your Pastor/Team

Take a couple of hours and do a little dreaming with your team. Imagine what your Easter Sunday could be like if time, resources, and people were not an obstacle. What is the sermon going to look like? What are we expecting? Get everyone on the same page here with big ideas.

2) Plan Out Your Worship Service

It’s never too early to have your songs, video’s, and people planned and scheduled. After your team meeting, sit down and pray through the overall worship flow. What songs will work best? Are there any new songs? How can you start introducing these songs before Easter? Can you lock down your video now or do you need to start shooting? Will you need to schedule any extra rehearsals?

3) Prepare Your People

If you are planning on doing a new song, Easter morning isn’t the time to introduce it. Start working the song into your weekly gatherings in the weeks leading up to Easter. Put together a playlist of Easter songs and start using it before and after every service. Make a playlist available online for streaming (i.e. Spotify) and encourage your church to start listening to the songs in preparation for Easter.

4) Start Promoting Your Services

To some this may seem strange, that we would promote our church and services, however, I believe it is important for not only our church people but also their friends to know what is available to them. The fact is, that many people will come to church on Easter, and while we’re not trying to wow them with our performance we are trying to point them to Jesus. And Easter is a great opportunity to at least start the conversation.

Share your graphics, logo’s, and service times on your website, church Facebook page, personal Facebook page, Twitter accounts, Spotify and anything else you can think of.

I can’t reiterate this enough… you cannot put this off any longer. The time to start planning for Easter is now! It’s such an incredible opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus and people will be coming to your church.

And there’s no better time to share the good news than right now.


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