Matt Hann

4 Ways to Care for Your Worship Team

Matt Hann asks: do you care more about the task or do you care more about the individuals in your team?

We’re called as pastors and leaders to care about our people, not just our outcomes. Here are a few thoughts I’ve found helpful in focusing on caring for people first:

1. Caring takes time.
Time is a valuable commodity. Taking the time get to know your team members shows that you value them, and not just their contribution to your team. We need to be looking for the long-term relationships, not just short-term fixes.

2. There’s a difference between managing people and developing people.
Developing and discipling people takes an investment of yourself and will show the greatest fruit. It means helping team members reach their goals and potential in all areas, not just in the specific tasks allocated to them; for their benefit and not just yours. See their true potential and work toward that, not just the task at hand.

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