5 Steps to a Maximum Impact Rehearsal

Christopher Cook reveals his personal technique for learning, preparing, and rehearsing new music:

As a music director, session player, and clinician, I’m often asked to speak about my personal technique for learning, preparing, and rehearsing new music, as well as my approach to team rehearsals. However, above the technical delivery of your musicianship, I believe that your commitment to be your very best for your team and for the Lord is the primary component of an excellent offering week in and week out. Quite simply, it’s the commitment to develop a culture of momentum within your life and the life of your team. So where does a maximum impact rehearsal begin? With you! These 5 steps to a maximum impact rehearsal will allow me to pull back the curtain.


For years, I have told teams, “Nothing can stop the person with a good attitude, yet nothing can help the person with a bad attitude, other than an adjustment of attitude.” As such, be encouraged to develop a healthy picture of yourself as a needed contributor to the team, whether you’re a worship leader, vocalist, musician, tech, stage manager, or display operator. Come to church/rehearsal/team night with a plan to win, preparation to win, and an expectation to win. What does that mean? Each week, come to church prepared, ready to serve the team, your pastor, and the congregation, and expect that the presence of God in your midst will touch lives. Furthermore, be intentional. Refuse to be the singer or musician that robotically goes through the motions in your service to the Lord. Stay fresh, stay creative, stay teachable, and prepare in a way that allows you to pay attention to what the Spirit of God is doing in the meeting.


Be a person who cares about adding the most value to your team by being the best you can be, first in heart & attitude, then in giftedness. When the right person is in the right place, everyone benefits. As such, cultivate a solid foundation in every area of your life so that you bring your best to the team each week.

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