5 Things Starbucks Can Teach Christians about Evangelism

Debbie Holloway says churches outnumber Starbucks 25-1:

If I ever want Starbucks, I know one will always be close. There’s one in my grocery store. There’s one a few intersections away from my apartment. There are four within two square miles of my parents’ house! If anything in this country is easy to find, surely, Starbucks is IT, right?

And yet…did you know that churches outnumber Starbucks 25-1? And that’s only counting Protestant churches!

Greg Stier at Pastors.com ponders these statistics, asking,

So how can Starbucks saturate the physical cravings of decaffeinated Americans and the church cannot satisfy the spiritual thirst of Americans with the living water?

His answer? Maybe Christians need to take a few pages from the Starbucks handbook! According to Stier, there are 5 Things Starbucks Can Teach the Church About Effective Evangelism.

1. Train more “baristas” to serve!
“You have to go to church to get served the good news,” he writes – and it shouldn’t be left up to the head pastor to be the only one equipped to serve the people! Does your church give its congregants the tools they need to share the gospel with their friends, family, and co-workers? Do you take responsibility for spreading the good news, or do you just assume that’s your pastor’s job?

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